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demon sonic arrives


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Stop writing like that on the cards, they make no sense!! :(

Shadow - 2/10

Change it to: If the Spell/Trap Card "7 Chaos Emeralds" is active on your side of the field, this card can attack your opponent's Life Points directly.

( I don't know whether the emeralds are a Spell Card or a Trap card, so just use 1)

Hope it helps :)

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All the pics are overused...there at least 3 non-important threads using these with the same name and pic.

And the Important topic by Dark Spine Sonic, He used these too so no originality.

Demon Shadow and Demon Sonic are overpowered.

You spelled "Knuckles" wrong in his effect so it wouldn't work, plus you don't have the support card. 0/10

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