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GIMP Icon and Banner help!


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OK, I have searched the forums and have not found anything that could answer my question.

In GIMP I can make backgrounds for icons and banners, like the tydye colored patterns and whatnot. I have imgs that i made in paint that I want to copy into the icon. However when I copy these pictures from another gimp window into the one with the background, the white background is still there, and it covers up the background, how do I make white transparent like you do in paint?

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I also use GIMP. When you open a new window via the File menu, a new box will open up. Look for the + in a small box next to Advanced Options. The box will become bigger. Now look for the Fill with drop down box. Pick Transparency.. now hit OK. You should get a new window with a black & dark gray background. That is your Transparency background.


Hope that helps!

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