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Dark RFG Burn - no fancy titles.

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Thought of it, made it on DMU. Lost only once to a Brioniac Lockdown.


Monsters: 17

3x Cyber Valley

3x DD Survivor

3x DD Scout Plane

3x Shadowpriestess

2x Summon Priest

1x Gorz

1x Reaper

1x Strike Ninja


Spells: 12

3x D-Fissure

3x Messenger of Peace

3x Fires of Doomsday

2x Allure

1x Level Limit B


Traps: 12

3x Macro

3x Bribe



1x CCV

1x Gravity Bind


= 41.

I might run Solemns instead of bribes, but I rarely have problems with monsters. What do you think?


[spoiler=Xander Clause]

Summon Priest

Level 4

Dark / Spellcaster


Cannot be used for a Tribute. When this card is Normal Summoned

or Flip Summoned it is changed to Defense Position. Once per turn,

Discard 1 Spell Card from your hand to Special Summon 1 Level 4

monster from your Deck. The monster cannot attack during the turn

it is Summoned.


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It looks nice, but it does need some work.


For example, follow Jesus' advice.


And, ehm, I think this deck needs Solemns instead of Bribes. Even if you won't negate any summons, it negates a spell/trap and does not give your opponent a free draw. That's just a lot better.


Also, a recommendation that would give it a twist is Royal Oppression. It might seem that it works against your own deck because Survivors and Scout Planes need to special summon themselves, but isn't it about burn all along? Your opponent negating the summon will be exactly the same as you tribbing the monster to burn the same amount of damage.


The only downside of that, however, is that FoD will burn half as much.


-1 Reaper

-1 Valley

+2 RotA


Nice deck, but it won't beat TDO's deck. I think I'll vote for him, sorry.

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