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Demon Cards! New type! Hope you like em ;)

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Let's see what I can do here. 1st off, I agree that Demon-Type should not exist so I'll be taking that into consideration with my corrections.


Darkness Demon:

-Needs a better name to go with the pic.

-Change the following words:

Special, Summon, Graveyard


Demon of Heaven:

-Drop the Stars to 5(debatable).

-Drop the ATK to 1200.

-Drop the DEF to 1800.

-Change the following words:

Special, Summon, Fairy-Type, Fiend-Type, Graveyard


Shadow Wizard:

-Drop the Stars to 5.

-Drop the DEF to 1700(2000 with bonus).

-Change the following words:

Special, Summon, Graveyard

-Consider changing Wizard to Warlock. It's a less used word.


Lord of Dark Flames:

-Judgement reserved until I see a "Flaming Skull."

-Overall, it looks underpowered.

-Change the following words:

"Flaming Skull" + "Shadow Wizard"


Dark Flame Demon - The End:

-Consider changing the pic of this one because it's been used alot.

-Change the following words:

"Darkness Demon" + "Lord of Dark Flames" + "Demon of Heaven", Fusion Summoned, Fiend-Type, When, face-up, Fiend-Type

-Remove the following words:

(the space before this and the words)In addition,


There, I bolded the parts to show you the main differences. I hope that helps alot. :D

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