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i decided to make a guardian of order OTK





guardian of order x 3

cyber dragon x 2

calculator x 2

sacred crane x 3

the creator x 2

dark magician of chaos x 1




reasoning x 3

monster gate x 3

monster reborn x 1

premature burial x 1

foolish burial x 2

heavy storm x 1

hand destruction x 3

lightning vortex x 2

dark world dealings x 3




reckless greed x 3

mirror force x 1



i do not know what else to put in to make it 40 cards

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Only thought about this, is the fact that Order is a monster you can only control one copy of.


I could see this perhaps working, not in a very competitive enviroment but definatley in certain levels of serious play.


Keep at it.


Extra note - Calculator's one of the best tech cards in YGO. ;D

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