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Cyber Upgrade dragon (Cool card must see!) PLZ RATE!


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superover powered bad ocg and gramar and need a little better pic so 4.8/10
wow.. you're kidding, right? If you're going to critique someone on their OCG and grammar, you might as well be prepared to spell the words right (lol)


but, yeah... the card's too strong and too hard to summon... (reminds me of AJWcollection's 1st set)

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but' date=' yeah... the card's too strong and too hard to summon... (reminds me of AJWcollection's 1st set)



*Ignores what is said* Lucky now, my cards are better than your cards WITHOUT your help ;) Lol.




The Card itself is overpowered, probably add something along the lines of this to its effect" .... your opponent's Life Points directly (all damage inflicted by this card by using this effect becomes 1000).


Also, to help balance it, the "Cyber Upgrate Unit" should come at a cost, and with a card like Upgrade, you may want to make it costly.


The idea is good, all it has to do now is to be put into place. Pictures are nice also (i enjoyed them). So all up 6/10.

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Hum, how exactly is this overpowered? It's underpowered, borderline useless in real play.


Cyber End Dragon can only be brought out by cards that either kill advantage like mad or are extremely slow. The summoning requirement per se is a pain.

Secondly, it's most likely that your opponent will have more than just Defense Position monsters at any time during the duel. Enemy Controller, Solemn Judgment, Book of Moon, Dark Bribe, Mirror Force, Torrential Tribute, etc etc etc. And before you say "use Heavy Storm or MST", I'll mention Dark Bribe and Solemn Judgment again.

If by any chance they don't have a back row and you activate Limiter, which is at 1, you win, but then again, the same goes for Ultimate Ancient Gear Golem. Except bringing this card out is way harder.


Then, it falls to just about any form of removal. Not great.


Finally, this card will never, ever be destroyed by battle, so the last effect is pointless. If it ever does get destroyed by battle, you're getting back 2 CyDras, which are obviously a lot weaker than whatever monster managed to blow away Upgrade in the first place, so it's completely irrelevant.

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