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Looking for game artists


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Hi there. A group of people has gathered up to work on an game. We're are creating a nice 2D side-scroller platformer with RPG elements, blood and a lot of naughty words. Right now there are 15 people in the team.But only 5 artists. That's why we're looking for people who can actually create sprites for this game. You see, programmers are completely handicapped when it comes to doing anything else but typing stuff in. If you are interested pm me or go to this forum :


you need to register to see whole forum...

this is example of quality we are looking for :


You can also work in photoshop,GIMP or any similiar program.

Our game is most similiar of these games : Legend Of Zelda,Jazz 2,Castlevania (new 2D games),Paper Mario 2,Okami...so if you ever wanted to work on a game this is a chance for your dreams to come true...=)



p.s. most what we need right now is tile pictures drawers but you can draw items,characters,backgrounds,what ever you want..

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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