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Duel Academy, Shadow riders reappear Chapter 2 up and running


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Receptionist: Alright, Your decks are both registered and legal. You may enter. While you’re in there you may watch the other duelists perform their exams. So go on in. Hopefully they’ll allow you to duel (points to Andrew) but you never know. Enter and wait for your names to be called. If your name isn’t called you will not enter.


Andrew: Alright, let’s go.


Zeo: Yeah, let’s go.


While their walking down the hall.


Andrew: So you outta that losing streak yet.


Zeo: Not really, I was even losing in my dreams, oddly enough though it taught me something.


Andrew: Really (Heavily sarcastic), Well how long will you can keep losing.


Zeo: Probably about 10 minutes because, unlike you, I made it here on time.


Andrew: Geez, how long you gonna hold that over me, I’ve got no watch and you know I’ve never looked at a clock.


Zeo: Yeah, I geuss I’ll leave it slide.


When they got to the end of the hall they looked out onto they looked out into the duel stadium. There was already 4 duels on the go.


Zeo: Whoa


????: I take it your Zeo.


Zeo: Huh, uh...Yeah but who are you


Weiss: I’m Weiss Sendrohov. I’ve already duelled today and I heard you where on a losing streak so I wanted to give you this. (Hands Zeo Cosmic Power Bond and Perfect Cyber Twin Dragon) And I geuss your Andrew.


Andrew: Uhhh (All this time his mouth was gapping open) W-W-Weiss S-S-Sendrohov, You mean THE Weiss Sendrohov, the only applicant this year to come from one of those fancy prep schools!!!


Weiss: Yes.


Andrew: Zeo do you know who this guy is? He is THE applicant to beat this year. He’s like the Chazz Princeton of this year, y’know without the attitude...


This continued for about 10 minutes with worthless trivia, previous decks, and many other worthless info.


Zeo: Okay, Okay I get it, He’s a Cyber user like... Wait CYBER USER?


Weiss: Yeah, I used to use cybers. (Starts shifting his eyes side to side) And Still do slightly.


Zeo: Really...


Over the intercom: Would Zeo Agarame report to duel arena 3 and Andrew Yumasha Report to duel arena 4 please. Zeo Agarame report to arena 3 and Andrew Yumasha to arena 4.


Zeo: All well, then good luck!


Andrew: Yeah, you too. (Sounding not so sure)


They walked down two different staircases. At the bottom of each staircase the both went into a door.


????: So you actually made it to the exam Andrew.


Andrew: Yeah.


Torinal: I am examiner Torinal, and you’re in for a special exam.


Andrew: Really


In the other exam hall.


????: So your here.


Zeo: Yes, I’m here.


Mackeral: I am professor Mackeral...


Zeo: D-Did you say “Mackeral.”(Zeo said between fits of laughs)


Mackeral: Yes, yes, my name is Mackeral, now this exam will be... different from normal ones.


Zeo: How so.


The walls to Zeo’s left and Andrew’s right slowly started to fall. When it was low enough they could see each other over the wall.


Zeo and Andrew: Wha?..


Torinal and Mackeral: This duel will be a double duel, hopefully you two will duel both of us at once since your friend was late.


Torinal: I doubt your friend knows my name. So I’m Torinal.


Mackeral: And I am Mackeral.


Andrew: Did he just say...


Zeo: Yeah.


Torinal: Well let’s start shall we.


Zeo, Andrew, Torinal, and Mackeral: DUEL!!!


Duel disk start up sounds.


How will the duel end you’ll have to keep looking at these posts to find out.


Torinal’s deck: Harpies (Not fully found out yet)


Mackeral’s deck: Aqua cards. ( Again not thought out)

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Mackeral’s deck:


Monsters: 17

Mobius the Frost Monarch x1

7 Colored Fish x2

The Legendary Fisherman x2

Tribe Infecting Virus x3

Abyss Soldier x1

Cranium Fish x1

Ocean’s Keeper x1

Gemini Lancer x2


Oxygeddon x1

Water Dragon x1


Spells: 12

A Legendary Ocean x3

Convulsion of nature x2

Yellow Luster Shield x3

Banner of Courage x3

Bonding H2O x1


Traps: 11

Tornado Wall x3

Enchanted Javelin x2

Magic Cylinder x2

Gravity Bind x1

Torrential Tribute x3

Torinal’s deck:


Monsters: 14

Simorgh, Bird of Divinity x1

Bladefly x2

Harpy ladies 1, 2 and 3 x1 each

Harpy Lady Sisters x3

Harpy’s brother x1

Flying Kamakiri #1 x3

Silpheed x1


Spells: 16

Rising Air Current x1

Twister x2

Tornado x2

Mystical Space Typhoon x3

Inferno Reckless Summon x1

Mystical Wind Typhoon x3

Harpies Feather Duster x2

Heavy Storm x2


Traps: 10

Dust Tornado x3

Torrential Tribute x3

Jar of Greed x3

Royal Decree x1


Weiss Sendrohove’s deck type: Wicked God Cards (Deadroot, Eraser, Avatar)

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