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Naruto fans only


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Most of you proboly don't know much about the shippuuden saga of Naruto.

So for fans only I have made this spoiler page.This saga begins 2 and a half years in the future when Naruto and Jiraiya come back from a long training journey.


New characters or clans-Akatsuki:a chan of shinobi crooks that steal legendary beasts sealed in people like Naruto and Gaara.

Sai:one of my favorite characters and joins team Kakashi with Naruto, Sakura...ect


Best chashes: Naruto v.s. Orochimaru and Kakashi v.s. Deidara


and 2 new movies and games comming out look down if u don't get it


if u have questions or comments, reply

p.s. help me by strenghening up my pokemon

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ok basiclly they are older and cooler, Naruto comes back makes a squad with sakura and Sai to get back Gaara who was kiddnapped by Deidara(one of the akatsuki or demon theives).


and big spioler 2 movies comming out 2nd has Saske

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