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My New Set,The Dealer's Hand, Playing Card Based Cards (much more Coming)


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This is a new Set I'm thinking about, and I wanna see how it works. The whole point is to deck out an opponent, or at least remove cards from use. These pics aren't mine. One has a sig on it,but I don't want to remvoe it because I'll screw up the pictures. Please Comment, Rate, and all the other stuff.












When this card is Normal Summoned Successfully, your opponent picks up (not draws) the top 3 cards of their deck. Select 1 random card from the 3. This card gains 1 effect depending on the type of the selected card.


Monster: Special Summon 1 "Spirit of the Cards" monster from your Graveyard to your side of the field in Attack Position.

Spell: This card's ATK and DEF is reduced by half.

Trap: Both players must discard their respective hands, and draw 2 cards.







I really want suggestions how I can improve these cards, I have a feeling their a little overpowered, that's why they're all high level monsters.

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