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[align=center]Well I Want To Improve My Banner Making Skillx And I Guess The Only Way To Do That Is To Make Them For Other Peopl, And Remember They Are Free. Example Are In My Sig And In Most Of My Threads


Here Is The Form:


Text On Graphic:

Sub-Text On Graphic:

Images For Graphic:

Size Of Graphic:

Other Comments:



Dont Spam!

If I Do Not No Yours Pm Me Dont Spam My Shop!

Dont Spam!

Folow The Form Or Your Order Is Ignored!

Dont Spam![/align]

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could you make this sig?


Text - Wanna be a legend?

Subtext - Then help with the ultimate set!


Images (Renders) -


(top left corner)


(right side)


size - 400x150



BG color - anything that looks good

text color - anything that looks good just I would like it readable (in very awesome font though!)


can the text be under the YCM render and subtext be a tad bit smaller than text? Also make the Dueldisk blend with the BG some? and a black border 2x5?

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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