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Deck for lollocals next week

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Sorta like a passive monarch scheme with a apprentice / nephthys build. Playtested on DMU against some decent decks, won against GB's and a kinda sad LS (stuff you'd find at a tourney, -JD.) among other things.

Tell me what you think.


Monsters: 21

3x Sacred Phoenix

2x CyDra

1x Raiza


3x Dark Scorpion - Meanae the Thorn

3x Juijitsu Master

3x OVM

2x Apprentice Magician

2x Hand of Nephy

1x Seer

1x Treeborn


Spells: 15

3x Creature Swap

2x Hammer Shot

1x Shrink

1x Book of Moon

1x Smashing

1x Fissure

1x Premature

1x MR

1x MST

1x Storm

1x Brain Control

1x Lightning V


Traps: 5

2x Raigeki Break

1x Torrential

1x Dustshoot

1x Mind Crush



3x T-Roar

3x Light-Imprisoning Mirror

3x Shadow ^^^

2x DD Crow

2x Pulling the Rug


1x Dust tornado


R/F deck... you can suggest what to add, but I know I can't get:

Mirror Force, Seers, more Pullings or Crows, and *maybe* another apprentice.

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Lol, I might be able to get mirror force if a kid at my locals has one and is willing to make a big trade... but most people there are selfish.


As for Coffin, I needed a 15th card, and I thought I might be able to use that w/ Phoenix.


-1 Zaborg


+1 OVM


-2 NME Controller


I have no idea what OVM is, I know most abbreviations, but I don't get that.

my friends has a spanish PWWB (lol) and I might get it. Do you think a Raigeki break could work for the other PWWB?

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drop hammers to add another magician and LV


I'm thinking of keeping the hammers. They're multi-purpose... I can even blow up my own phoenix if I want (terrible idea) but I keep it's effect.

Updates made to the decklist, found a 2nd Raigeki break.

Played with it in DMU, won every match except again another LS netdeck. I could've won; it was an error on my part. Had a mind crush f/d, he used reinforcements to grab garoth, i crushed it. Right after he uses Beckoning light to get back garoth + 2 JD that he milled turn 1, i lost there XD

Too bad for him, he doesn't have 3 JD IRL.

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