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South America Intercontinental Championship results

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hi guys:


today was the south america intercontinental championship helded on Santiago city, Chile...


the participant countries were: Chile (where the current world champion is), Argentina, Brasil, Costa Rica, Ecuador and Panama... Colombia, Republica Dominicana (Dominican Republic) and Jamaica had classified players, but they didn't show up...


the champion was Santiago Vera from Argentina, using a gladiator beast deck, against Felipe Luque (2nd place) using the same deck...


i must say that all the decks were the usual: DAD, dark return, GB and oppresion gadget taking the lead, and some macro monarch, six samurai, 2 vanity gravekeeper decks, 1 zombie, 1 wave motion burn, 1 DDT dark gaia and just 1 lightsworn that made it to the top 8...


Santiago Vera and the current world champion, Andres Toro, will be representing south america on the World Championship to be on Germany...



GBs took this one, discuss...

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when i said gadget takes the lead i meant that one of the most decks used was that, gadgets perform well against dark return, average against DAD and GB, but six samurai beat them down pretty bad...



@JoC: the LS deck was used by one brasilian... he perform good reaching the top 8 with a 4-1 but beaten by GB on the quartes because a bad side deck desicion...


i must say that south america has not a great impact because the organizated game has went down... UDE has not direct participation here, tournaments are managed and helded by distribuitors, and we don't have great events like the pharaoh tour on europe or the shonen jump championship on USA... damn, we don't even have leagues here!!... countries like Bolivia, Peru, Uruguay or Venezuela doesn't even have organizated game...


it was said that the south american game was being boosted because the current world champion was from south america (Chile) but nothing happened... so feel lucky of being on north america... everything is harder here, also our meta is different so that's why sometimes i can say thing that you can manage as "that guy don't know what's talking about" ... anyway... keep discussing and i'll try to get the decklist to post it here...

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im not north american but yeas its unfortunate how most people think that Yugioh is focused around Japan, China, America and Europe. They seem to forget there are other countries that play and could make an impact. The thing is the countries mentioned provide most of UDEs and Konamis money so they will obviously focus there

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yes, but our only way to be recognized is the world championship...


if at least we have the chance of a league could be different, if it weren't by private distribuitors and internet we won't have the chance to get shonen jump promo cards, champion packs or hobby league parallel rare cards... and obviously we have to pay more for those...

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well, here's the champion's deck...


Main Deck


Elemental Hero Prisma 3

Test Tiger 3

Gladiator Beast Laquari 2

Gladiator Beast Darius 2

Gladiator Beast Bestiari 2

Gladiator Beast Murmillo 1

Gladiator Beast Secutor 1

Sangan 1

Morphing Jar 1


Reinforcement Of the Army 2

Cold Wave 2

Shrink 2

Book of Moon 2

Heavy Storm 1

Mystical Space Tiphoon 1

Monstern Reborn 1

Premature Burial 1


Solemn Judgment 3

Bottomless Trap Hole 2

Waboku 2

Limit Reverse 2

Torrential Tribute 1

Crush Card Virus 1

Trap Dustshoot 1


Side Deck


Kinetic Soldier 3

Exiled Force 1

Nobleman of Crossout 1

Dust Tornado 3

Shadow Imprisoning Mirror 3

Light Imprisoning Mirror 3

D.D Crow 1


Fusion Deck


Gladiator Beast Gyzarus 3

Gladiator Beast Heraklinos 1

Sanwitch 2



sorry, i'll try to get the rest of the decks, specially the LS one...


(BTW: i saw the LS cards on spanish, they translated "lightsworn" as "luminoso" (luminous)... funny...)

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