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an epic advice

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i posted this on pojo, in tcgplayer has no brain to understand it, and now i think you could get the idea:


[spoiler=check it out]

please' date=' for your own good... stop making bad ban lists...



first of all, to unban a card because you like it is not reason enough that we think the same and support you...


second: semilimiting a card requires a lot of planning and thinking, things that you lack when it's about arguing the why... don't fool yourself...


third: because broken card A interacts with average card B is not reason enough to keep card A unbanned and card B limited (yeah, i'm talking about disk commander and limit reverse) because a shotgun with 1 shot kills anyway, with 7 shots kills more, but the best solution to avoid killing is eliminating the shotgun...


fourth: unban less broken card to control broken card is the worst idea ever!! sooner or later less broken card will eventually be working for broken card... capicce??


fifth: the 80% of the ban lists are copy/paste of another bad ban list posted by another member of the forun, with 1 or 2 cards more "just for the lulz"... fact: for the lulz means for the pity of being you a copy/paster...


sixth: no one will ban a card because it kick your pinky, soft, chubby, pale @zz on tourneys... stick to the humiliation and learn from your mistakes, period


seventh: remember the cost and conditions, if a card can remove your opponent's field, hand, deck, and grave and inflict 1000 life point damage for each removed card, at the cost of sending 40 monsters to the grave at least 1 of each type and attribute... guess it einstein, it does NOT deserve banning, DAD does because it's easier and faster...


finally (and the most important): bad ban list becomes spam threads in no time, please avoid the spam...



hope this simple tips make you feel more wiser, and it help to make a better game mechanics understanding... thanks =)[/quote']




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1. There is no such thing as "unbanning" a card. To say that the act of "unbanning" exists implies that the act of unbanning differs from leaving a previously unlimited card unlimited. However, the only past list to compare it to is the list created by Konami, so to refer to "unbanning" is to give weight to Konami's list as a valid argument. In fact, you have it backwards; reasoning is needed to justify banning a card, not to justify keeping it at three, as the default state for all cards is three if it cannot be proven that they present a problem.


2. Now you're giving weight to Semi-Limiting. Unless Thunder Dragon's free +1 or Volcanic Scattershot's field-clearing becomes a problem, Semi-Limiting shouldn't even exist.


3. In most cases, what I think you're trying to say is true - ban the broken card, not the cards with which it interacts (ban Disk over Limit Reverse, ban Treeborn over Monarchs, etc) - but you're not expressing it very well at all.


4. I can't even understand what you're trying to say here, so I'm just going to say that Goodnight Saigon is an awesome song.


5. I don't go to Pojo, so I don't know if this is true, so I'm just going to say that, if we were to all copy and paste one another's bad banlists, WE WOULD ALL GO DOWN TOGETHER.


6. This supports the people who say things like NO JUST BECUZ U LOOZ 2 DISK DUZNT MEEN HE R BROKED U SHUD RUN TEH DDCROWZOR SEE HE NOT BROKED. In many cases, if a card does dominate tourneys, that card could quite possibly be broken. Or was Dark Return domination caused not because D-Fusion/RFTDD/DAD/Disk/DMOC were broken but because players weren't smart enough to learn how to defeat it?


7. So now you're endorsing the logic that if-A-is-inferior-to-B-and-B-is-banworthy-then-A-is-balanced? That logic is terrible, is overused by bad players, and doesn't even pretend to make sense. Also, the card that you describe would most certainly be banworthy, for reasons that most certainly should be obvious.


8. Nah, the threads containing good banlists are the ones that quickly degenerate into spam from bad players saying LOL DIS 2 DIFFRUNT FRUM KONAMI LIST U NUB Y U BAN JDRAGON IT NOT BROKED.

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surely they can... surely...



BTW: crab... thanks for reading my post, the point number 4 refers that some n00bs are proposing to limit chaos sorcerer since "he is not that broken now" and "to make DAD more controllable"... but the fact is that if they do that, chaos sorcerer will become in no time the new battle horse of DAD... and the point 6 is because there's always some crybabys that say "he used exiled force on me, exiled force must be banned"


that's all the points i must justify, the other maybe i did some mistakes, but i guess everyone got the point, also, remember that english is not my language, sometimes i don't express myself well because i don't know how to use words properly... this forums allows me to exercise my english grammar...

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