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The FlameFoot Chronicles

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This is my Fan-Fic called "The FlameFoot Chronicles" It's about a daemon hunter called "Badhorn FlameFoot"


Series 1 - The quest for the spheres


episode 1 - Vampire's attack


“RAAAAWWWWWWWWRRRR” Screamed FlameFoot as he drew his sword to attack the vampire gruntlings, 1 by 1 he cut of their heads and watched as the respawned into bigger vampires. “Darn, Theres no way to kill these things, Hold on, that’s it …. FLAMEFOOT BLASTER Yahhhhh!!!!” as he shot out 3 different blasts of fire out of his mouth. “Essshhhh yahhh” screamed the Vampires as they burnt to ashes. “Finally, I can rest up a bit” He said while he had his hand in his pocket reaching for a pod containing a tent. “POOF” Went the tent as it popped out of the pod. “Ahh” said FlameFoot as he got into the tent.



“AHHHHHH!!!” Screamed FlameFoot as he saw the vampire gruntlings gnawing at his body “Get off of me” He drew his pistol and shot a hole throught the eye of the Vampire and quickly reloaded it before the Vampire respawed into a stronger form. Flamefoot transferred his energy into the pistol so that it shot flames, He kept shooting it as it grew into a stronger fire Vampire. “Oh my go… ” He didn’t finish his sentence because the Vampire had thrown him into a war. “Oww” he said checking his Monstray on his wrist to see what the monster was it read [Vampyro – The Vampire Clan – formed when a vampire Gruntling is being respawned and it has been exposed to flames] “Darn I knew I did something to do with this, How do I kill it then ?” The Monstray read [To kill this rare beast you must attack it in it’s face with a high power water attack] “How do I do that I only know fire and warrior Attacks”


He flashed back to his training with master Pi Kong from the Flame pits on FyrePlanet “You are the son of the king of the elemental Planets” He remembered what Master Pi Kong said “You are the son of King Forktongue HeartGuzzler the 3rd, you know Fire, Warrior, Light and Water right now but you must learn all 100 Elements”

“But I don’t Know light or water” FlameFoot replied

“They are embedded in your mind don’t forget THE POWER OF THE ELEMENTS”


He fell out of his trance when the Vampyro attacked him with it’s burning breath “ROOOOOAAAARRR” It screamed as it spat out some Lava spit

“Owwww darn it” Flamefoot drew he sword out and attacked the vampyro


“What Oh No my BroadBlade snapped in forty-odd pieces” FlameFoot moaned

“Mwah Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha” The Vampyro Laughed a demonic laugh

“Grrrrrrr Yahhhh” FlameFoot got really hyped up on energy that his spikes poked out of his skin so far that his skin ripped off and revealed an armour-plated monster with the symbol of the elements on it’s head proving he is a elemental god

“Grrarrrraa” shouted the Daemon version of FlameFoot

The Vampyro stood there in awe charging his massive Flameburner wave

“Mwahhhhaaaa Title Wave” Screamed Daemon FlameFoot as a gush of water appeared coming out of the cannon on its arm

“Glub gwah” Shouted the vampyro as the water changed it back into a vampire gruntling

The daemon FlameFoot drew a sword from one of the spikes on it’s right arm

“SLIVERING SLASH” He shouted cutting the Gruntling into 2 parts


The Daemon FlameFoot reverted into the original FlameFoot except for an arm part which had room for 110 different spheres, But it already had 4 spheres 1 for water - Blue, fire - Red, fighting - Brown and light – white.


“What’s this another sphere on the floor” he said while picking it up “It has the daemon me in it, it must be to summon him it’s purple”

FlameFoot moved on to another place northbound from where he was.


Episode 2 - Cavern of Nightmares


As FlameFoot moved on from where he found the vampyro he ventured upon a large mountain cavern.

“Darn, There seems to be no other way” He said looking around “Guess I’m going through”

As he walked through the cavern he was bombarded by bats, He expected them to turn into Vampire Gruntlings but they were normal bats, A couple of minutes later he found a room full of treasures.

“Oh my gosh” he said opening a treasure chest “There must be all the Element spheres in here”

FlameFoot went to grab one until a strange looking woman caught the corner of his eye.

“Better check it out on the Monstray”

BEEP BEEP [scarabMistress – The Witch Clan – Born to serve THE ONE this special Witch projects your happiest moments to lure you into her trap]

“Yahhh” He shouted cutting the treasure chest in half “It’s all lies then, your dead lady”

He drew his SpikerBlade and started to fight her, She kept projecting sheilds everytime from the sphere in her hand FlameFoot attacked untill he was too tired to attack anymore and he fell to the floor.

“Ha Ha Ha Ha, You can’t destroy me” The ScarabMistress cackled “I was created to serve The Dark Messiah and if I don’t kill you….Heh…. He will Demolish you now FEINDISH RAY!!!”

As the ray got closer FlameFoot started to glow neon white

“The Power of the Light Element fills me YAHH!! HEAVENS RAY”

When both beams hit each other the whole cavern lit up and the woman vanished

“Good she’s dead and gon-” He stopped because he felt a horrible pain in his head

“What the arrrrrr gggget oout ooof mmy hhead ”

“Feel My wrath” Screeched The ScarabMistress from inside his head “Now it’s time for you to die NIGHTMARE EXPLOSION”

“Nooooo!!!” screamed FlameFoot “It can’t end like this, and it won’t”

“10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4,” She screamed

“Yahhhhh!!!!!” shouted FlameFoot “Transform!”

As FlameFoot transformed in to his Daemon form the ScarabMistress continued counting

“2, 1 and HA HA HA HA”


The explosion incinerated everything the cavern, The ScarabMistress and FlameFoot were all destroyed all that was left was FlameFoot ‘s Sphere arm which started to glow purple, The colour of the summoning sphere, But it wasn’t summoning nothing, Then from the arm grew a shoulder then a body to another arm, then all the other body parts grew and FlameFoot had regenerated and reverted into his natural form.

“Now that that’s over I can fight the sphere she was using, I hope it wasn’t destroyed” He said

He look through the rubble and the rocks

“Ahh” He sighed as he picked up the sphere “The sphere of Nightmares, This will help”

He placed the sphere in his arm and continued through the rubble and went northwards

He Thought.


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