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The Dark Duellist Saga II: The Forbidden Artifacts (REVIEW PLEASE)


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This is the second installment of my story, the Dark Duellist Saga.


For those who have not read the first one, please follow the link to read the whole story.



Chapter 63 “A new alley!”


“Ladies and gentleman. Welcome to the second semi-final match of the USA-Cup here in Hisehade City. We have seen some pretty exciting matches sofar but this is really everything. The last two duels of this tournament have promised to become big duels!” The PA was full of excitement and so was the audience. “May I introduce in the Red Corner, Dustin Connoly, three times champ Duel-Monsters at Hisehade High,” a lot of people screamed while seeing the boy in the red corner, “And in the blue corner we have Vinnie Longwell, won the USA-Cup once and all-time champ of Markon High!” The audiences even got wilder.


“I expect a clean and good game from both of you. Good luck to both of you.” The referee sat at the side while both duellists shook hands. “Hi, it is a pleasure to meet you.” Liam didn’t even answer. “Well, you could at least give us an answer.” “I will crush you.” “That is something for starters.” They both activated their dueldisc`s. “DUEL!”


Dustin – 4000

Vinnie – 4000


Dustin and Vinnie walked up to the judge, handing over their decks. The judge shuffled them and then handed the decks to their original owners. “Participants, you may draw your opening hand!” Vinnie and Dustin each had drawn their opening hand. The lights flashed and it was made apparent that Vinnie was allowed to go first.




In the stands Dragen, a black-haired boy with blue jeans and a sleevless white T-Shirt appeared with a drink and some chips. A boy in a red jacket and brown jeans appeared behind him, carrying some more drinks and eating the last bits of the hamburger he bought. It was Dyllan, a very good friend of Dragen.


Dragen looked around and saw a familiar face. It was a boy he knew from the university, Xander. Xander was always talking about the galaxy and things and space. Dragen never duelled him, Xander always declined his challenges, but he knew Xander`s deck involved space-creatures. Xander was also known by friends as the “Marauder of the Galaxy” a nickname they gave after the first day they met.


“Dragen! Dragen, over here. You can sit here, I have two places left.” Dragen nodded and signalled Dyllan to follow him to Xander. Xander smiled and shook hands with Dyllan, which he never saw before. “Hi, I suppose you are a friend of Dragen? My name`s Xander. I am going to the same university as Dragen.” Dyllan nodded. “Dyllan is my name.” They sat down. “You know anything about the duellists facing of, Xan?” Xander shook his head. “Nah, that kid is supposed to have a legendary deck, but sofar he had only shown a deck of thrown together cards and he was even able to win with them. However he told the press he would use his real deck in the semi-finals and eventual final.” Dragen and Dyllan nodded and they turned their attention back to the duel.


“Well, he better use his real deck, I mean, we all know who he has to face in an eventual final.”




“Draw!” Vinnie looked at his opening hand and smiled. “Not bad. I summon Obnoxious Celtic Guardian (1400/1200) in attackmode.” The green-brown elfish warrior appeared, carrying a sword. “I equip the spellcard Blaze-Blade to it, raising it`s attackpoints by 300 (1700/1200) and I set one card, ending my turn.”


Dustin smiled. “Draw!” His smile became even wider when he saw the drawn card. “I first play Pot of Greed, drawing two more cards.” He draws two more cards from his deck. “I summon AniGuardian – Wise Tiger (1500/1000) in attackmode.” A whitefurred tiger with some golden plates around his body and a jewel on top of his head appeared on the field. “Now by cutting his attackpoints in half, I can attack directly!” The tiger stroke Vinnie and his lifepoints dropped to 3250.

Vinnie – 3250


“Whoah, I heard of the AniGuardians but I never thought someone like you would have a set of them.” Dustin smiles as he grabs another card from his deck. “I equip Wise Tiger with my spellcard Jewel-Glance. It has no effect yet, but it will change.” He set another card. “I end my turn.”



AniGuardian – Wise Tiger


Effect: Half the attackpoints to attack directly. This card cannot be destroyed by magiccards. When this card is destroyed, draw one card and remove this card from play.



Vinnie draws a new card. “I play Alligator Sword (1500/1200) in attackmode and equip my spellcard Alligator-Blade to it, raising it`s attack by 300 to 1800. Now Alligator Sword attack that Tiger!” The sword of the green alligator swordsman stroke the wise Tiger and it was destroyed, lowering Dustin`s lifepoints to 3700.

Dustin – 3700


However when the smoke cleared, Wise Tiger was back on the field. “Thanks to my Jewel-Glance I can instead of removing my Tiger from play, summon it back to the field and draw one card.” Vinnie grunted. “Great. Doesn’t matter as I can still attack you with my Obnoxious Celtic Guardian.” Wise Tiger was again destroyed and returned to the field, allowing Dustin to draw one card while his lifepoints dropped to 3600.

Dustin – 3600


“I end my turn with playing a card facedown and ending my turn.” Dustin nodded and draws a card. He smiled. “Because my Jewel-Glance got two Attack-Counters because of your attack, I can send it to the graveyard and summon any “AniGuardian”-monster from my hand to the field. I call out my AniGuardian – Raging Bull (1600/1500).” A black bull appeared with four horns instead of two, a silver jewel on top of his head.



AniGuardian - Raging Bull


Effect: This card is unaffected by any magic – or trapcards. When this card is destroyed, you can choose any “AniGuardian” from your deck and add it to your hand.



“Raging Bull, attack with Silver Horns!” Dustin shouted and the bull hit the Alligator Sword, lowering Vinnie`s lifepoints to 3150.

Vinnie – 3150


“This is not all for the moment. I tribute my AniGuardian – Raging Bull to summon AniGuardian – Mighty Bear (2000/0).” A goldenhaired bear with black armor around it`s belly, legs and forelegs appeared, having a green crystal on his head. “I end my turn.”



AniGuardian – Mighty Bear


Effect: This card is unaffected by any magic – or trapcards. This card can be directly summoned if you have no other monsters on the field. The monster is switched to defencemode after every attack. Increase this monsters defencepoints by 1000 for every monster removed from play. Increase this monsters attackpoints by 500 for every “AniGuardian” send to the graveyard. When this card is destroyed, you can remove it from play in order to draw a card. When it is send to the graveyard you can flip a coin and this card can act like a magic or a trapcard:

Heads: trapcard – force your opponent to discard two cards from his hand, if not able, let him pay 1000 lifepoints.

Tails: magiccard – resummon “AniGuardian – Mighty Bear”



Vinnie nodded and draws a card. “I tribute my Celtic Guardian to summon Blademaster Gold (2200/1700) in attackmode. It`s special ability allows me to destroy one monster on your side of the field.” The blade of the golden warrior hit Mighty Bear and it was destroyed. “This activates Mighty Bear`s special ability. I flip a coin.” Dustin flipped a coin and tails was the result. “This allows me to resummon him.” The bear reappeared on the field.


“Okey, you have some freaky powerfull cards there.” Vinnie said.


“Yeah, but it does not end. It gain 500 attackpoints for every AniGuardian send to the graveyard. That is two so 1000 more attackpoints.” Mighty Bear roared louder as his muscles were pumped up (3000/0). “Now my Mighty Bear attack his Blademaster Gold!” Dustin ordered as the bear stretched his claws and slashed the golden warrior in two pieces. Vinnie`s lifepoints dropped to 2350.

Vinnie – 2350


“I am not done yet, Ani-boy. I activate my facedown, Dust-Barrier. This allows me to negate any effect damage for three turns.” A large wave of sand flew up in front of him.


“Oh, I am not done with my turn either. I set one card and activate the spellcard Soul Tablet, allowing me to resummon AniGuardian – Raging Bull with an additional 400 ATK and DEF.” The bull reappeared on his side of the field (2000/1900). “Now I end my turn with attacking you directly!” Dustin ordered. The bull hit Vinnie badly.

Vinnie – 350



Soul Tablet


This card can only be activated during one of your Standby Phases. You can Special Summon one level-4 or lower “AniGuardian” to the field with an additional 400 ATK and DEF. If you do this after your Battle Phase, you can attack again. However, at the beginning of your opponent`s turn, you must destroy the monster summoned with this card.



“Draw!” Vinnie said. Raging Bull exploded. “This is because of my Soul Tablet. But this activates my Bull`s special effect, allowing me to pick one AniGuardian and add it to my hand.” Dustin added one card to his hand.


Vinnie held up a card. “I play the spellcard Sword of the Fallen,” he inserted a card in his dueldisc, “and summon one level-4 or lower monster from my hand.” A green monster appeared with slime dropping from his mouth. “Meet my Slime-Soldier (1400/1000). He sucks away 500 lifepoints every turn and he can cut his attack in halve to attack directly. So that is a blow of 1200 lifepoints.”

Dustin – 2400


“Now I play Monster Reborn, summoning back Celtic Guardian (1400/1200).” The green-brown elfish warrior reappeared on the field. “And last but not least I activate Ambush Force, a spellcard that allows me a combined attack of Celtic Guardian and Slime Soldier cut in halve, a blast of 1400 lifepoints coming your way.”

Dustin – 1000


“Wow, that is one mayor drop in lifepoints. Are you finished?” Dustin asked.


“Well, you can’t still put effect-damage to me, so now I will end my turn.” Vinnie lowered his dueldisc.


“Draw!” Dustin said and he drew a new card. “You know I can blast apart your monsters, do you?” he asked. Vinnie nodded. “I play Lion`s Gift. If I did not yet play the majestic king, I can summon one monster from my graveyard as long as it is a level-4 or lower monster. I summon AniGuardian – Wise Tiger (1500/1000). Now for it`s effect, I cut it ATK in half and attack you directly!” The tiger slashed at Vinnie and his lifepoints dropped to 0.


“I win!” Dustin said and the crowd slowly started to rise, but then realised that something was not right.


“You think I am done? I activate Last Soul Line. By removing one monster from play I can summon one monster to the field in order to finish the job. By removing Blademaster Gold, I summon Panther Warrior, but by the effect of Blademaster Gold, when it is removed from play, I can summon Blademaster Silver (2200/1000) to the field. Now here is the catch, as long as there is one monster on my field I cannot lose this duel!” Vinnie said.


“Well, that is a pity then. It is all over. Because Last Soul Line also ends your current or upcoming turn which means I can immediately move to my turn. Draw!” Dustin said. “I play AniGuardian Spirit Sea as a fieldspell. Then I summon AniGuardian – Vicious Shark (2000/1000) to the field. Next I gain 3 Dolphin-Token`s (500/0) because of all monsters in my graveyard or on my field. Now for the threat. Dolphin-Token`s can destroy any of your monsters as long as I tribute half my lifepoints. So I tribute half my lifepoints three times (125) and destroy all of your monsters and then go in for a finishing blow. Vicious Shark attack with Shark-Wave!” Dustin ordered as his shark-monster appeared from the depths of the sea and stroke Vinnie.”


Dustin – 125

Vinnie – 0



AniGuardian Spirit Sea


You can summon as many Dolphin-Token`s (1/500/0/WATER/fish-effect/this token can destroy one monster, when you tribute half of your lifepoints) as you have monsters on your field or in your graveyard as long as you can. These tokens cannot be used for Tribute-Summoning. All WATER-Attribute “AniGuardian”-monsters get their level lowered by 2.


AniGuardian – Vicious Shark


Effect: Currently unknown



“You won fair and square. Congratulations, Dustin. You fought a great match.” Vinnie extended his hand and Dustin shook it. “You too, Vinnie. Let`s duel again sometime.” Vinnie nodded. “You got it, Dustin. Good luck in the final.” Dustin nodded. He knew who he had to duel in the final and it would not be easy to defeat that duellist.


“Ladies and gentleman, we have our winner. He will proceed to the final match which will start in an hour. Get something to eat, make sure you went to pea, because this can become heated.” The PA withdrew himself from the podium.


Dragen and Dyllan left Xander. “We will be back. We just gotta say hi to an old friend.” Xander nodded.




In one of the changing rooms, Dragen and Dyllan entered. They saw the back of a black-haired boy, wearing a sleevless marineblue T-Shirt and army pants.


“We saw him. He was incredible. He might be a real adversary for you.” Dragen said. The boy nodded, but did not turn around yet. “He really knows his stuff,” Dyllan said, “He knows how to counter most strategies. I don’t think you faced a duellist like this in the last 2 years.” The boy nodded. At that moment from a sideroom a girl appeared. She had long brown hair, she wore a mini-skirt and a green top.


“Oh hi, Arabel. I didn’t know you were here.” Dyllan said. The girl nodded and turned to the boy. “They are waiting, let`s go say hello.” The boy nodded and stood up, attaching a marineblue dueldisc to his arm. The dueldisc was costumized, it`s center had the shape of a dragonhead, the rest was normal.


“Let`s go and check out this new duellist then, shall we?” the boy said and turned around. It was Kamon McFlinn, ready for battle.


To be continued……



Chapter 64: “Brawl of giants! Dustin vs Kamon! (1)” Preview

The duel between Kamon and Dustin starts. Dustin sends out his trustfull AniGuardians, like “Vicious Shark” but also new ones like “Noble Hercules” and “Brave Unicorn”. Kamon is not really taken back and fights back with his usual tactics, but when Dustin plays “Spirit`s Pride Rock”, what secret and powerfull AniGuardian does his deck hold?





Well, here it is, the first of many chapters of The Dark Duellist Saga II. I have to say it is a nice kick-of, don’t you think?


Arabel was an unannounced character, which came into my mind just this week. She plays the role of Sara from the last saga, although very differently. She is no more then the new Personal Assistant of Kamon and is much seen together with Kamon (like Sara was in the first saga, but she had a very personal history and personal relationship with Kamon). She does hold a secret.


Well, here is chapter 63, hope you liked it and if you have suggestions please pm me.

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Here is chapter 64. Hope I get reviews!


Chapter 64 “Brawl of giants! Dustin vs Kamon! (1)”




My name is Kamon McFlinn. I am 20 years old. I like to duel, it is my hobby. I won one big tournament and became in one shot a big celebrity. I dethroned the champion at that time, I became a champion. Now I do not know whether the celebrity-status is only because of that or because my father is one of the richest and powerfull man in the world.


I have a sister named Marcy, she is 12 years old. I had another sister, named Merel, she died by falling out of a tree. I was on the phone, she was alone in the tree, my parents originally blamed me for her death. Later they found out, I wasn’t to be held responsible. I was duelling one time. In the middle of the duel the opponent started to irritate me by going on about my sister and a rage overtook me, for me everything went blank and next thing I knew I was on the ground and the duellist, well, he was knocked unconscious.


I have a few people I can really call best friends and one of them is Dragen. He and I were once an unbeatable duo in duelling. He returned 2 years ago to duel alongside me against Darknes. We were two of the Seven Chosen One`s.


From those seven, we are left with three. Why? Two left, my best friend Sara, who was my personal assistant, left to set up McFlinn Corp Facilities in Europe. That`s a really good job for her. Lean went on a journey to Japan, something about finding hieroglyphs. I never knew he was into them, but nevertheless I gave him McFlair Three, one of the new airplanes of McFlinn Corp. Graem is a story apart. When the last duel of the War against Darknes had ended with a win for me, we rounded up survivors and Graem had disappeared. We did not find a trace of him anywhere, except for his pendant he always wears. He has been missing for two years now and it has been two years after the War against Darknes.


The last one who left was Lainna. Me and Dragen eventually travelled in an early stage of the war to a different dimension, to rescue Lean. We found out he was being held by Pamadala, the evil side of Lainna who by now has been banished. I defeated Pamadala and we met Lainna. She helped us out together with Rontaro. Well, Rontaro is another weird thing that happened. At the day Lainna and Sara would leave, he disappeared. He disappeared completely and there was no evidence he ever existed. He disappeared completely.


Well, I went to the University of Hisehade together with Dragen, I met Xander, who has an little sister called Sienna, who in turn is friends with Marcy. We became friends. RJ, an old friend of mine and Dragen, returned to work for McFlinn Corp as a Junior Analyst. He went out with Merel, my sister who died.


Anyway life went on, at least as normal as it could be………………




“ARE YOU READY?!” Lights flashed all around the stage. The Public Announcer (PA) entered the stadium walking up to the stage. “La grande finale!” Lights started to flash and fireworks started to explode. They had both corners of the duelling field lighted differently.


“Ladies and gentleman. Tonight the big final finally begins. At my left, a duellist who won his semi-final with good duelling and having fun. Three times duelling champ, Dustin Connoly!” the PA shouted and Dustin came from the shadows of the blue corner.


All lights turned to the righ corner, where Kamon stood in the shadows. “And now, at my right hand in the red corner, a duellist that needs no introduction, one of the best duellists in Hisehade and maybe in the US, ladies and gentleman, give one big round of applause for Kamon McFlinn!” The crowd started to yell and roar in delight. Kamon stepped out of the shadow on to the duelling field, approaching Dustin and the referee.




“Well, this is going to be one hell of a duel,” Dragen said, while eating popcorn, “and I am sure Kamon won’t take that Dustin to lightely. If they both duel on top of what they can do, this can get very interesting.” At that moment people stood up, because Marcy, Jen, Sienna, Arabel and RJ joined them.


“Hey Dragen, did we miss anything?” RJ asked. He was big, muscularly build, wore a short moustache and sunglasses, but he took them of. “Nah, they are just starting. Right on time.” Marcy sat down between him and Xander, while Dyllan went down one bench together with Jen.




“I don’t have to tell you this, but I expect a nice and clean game of both of you. No time-limit, 4000 lifepoints each.” Kamon and Dustin nodded, shook the hand of the referee and then they shook eachother`s hands.


“It is an honour to be duelling against you, Kamon.” Kamon smiled and nodded. “Well, I hope you duel well then. Don’t go easy on me, I won’t go easy on you either.” Dustin nodded and they shuffled eachother`s decks. Kamon could feel the energy coming from Dustin`s deck. It was very powerfull.


“Let`s duel then!” the referee said. The lights went on.




Dustin – 4000

Kamon – 4000


“I start!” Kamon said and he drew an extra card. “I summon Dreamsprite (500/500) in defencemode and set two cards. Now I gain 500 lifepoints because of it`s effect. End turn.” The green, very familiar, circular monster with shiny myst around it appeared in defencemode on his field.

Kamon – 4500


“Draw!” Dustin said and he had already drawn a card. “I summon AniGuardian – Wise Tiger (1500/1000) in attackmode. Now by activating it`s special effect I can attack you directly!” Dustin ordered as his tiger stroke forward and hit Kamon.

Kamon – 3750


“I play the spellcard Jewel-Glance and equip it to Wise Tiger. Then I set one more card and end my turn.” Dustin smiled. He had taken a slight advantage. But knowing the level of Kamon, he would probably find a way around it.


Kamon smiled. “Good play, Dustin. I draw.” When his card was drawn, his lifepoints rose to 4250. “This is of course because of my Dreamsprite`s special ability. Now I summon one monster in defencemode and I end my turn.” Dustin did not know why Kamon was waiting so much in order to hit him, but as long as he did make any progress to attack him, he did not care.

Kamon – 4250


“Draw!” Dustin said. Immediately a brown monkeylike monster appeared on his side of the field. “This is my Spirit-Monkey (100/100). It can be summoned directly to the field when drawn. Now I tribute it to summon AniGuardian – Noble Hercules (1800/1000).” A purple Hercules beetle appeared on his side of the field. Where on the outside bones could be sighted, they were golden and he had a silver jewel on his head. Then Dustin`s facedown flips up. “Spirit Reawakening. This means for two turns I can place Spirit-Monkey back on top of my deck and draw two cards. Now Noble Hercules attack with Burning Stinger!” The Hercules beetle shot forward to the facedown defenceposition monster. Heliograph!


[Heliograph (0/500)]


“If you don’t know it. Heliograph cannot be destroyed as a result of battle or by spells or traps as long as he is in defencemode. It gains 500 defencepoints per turn it stays on the field.” Dustin shook his head. “Very well then, go Wise Tiger, Claw Sweep!” Dustin ordered as the tiger attacked Dreamsprite. It was successfully destroyed. “This does rise my lifepoints by 500.”

Kamon – 4750



AniGuardian – Noble Hercules


Effect: Increase this monster`s attackpoints by 400 for every “AniGuardian” removed from play. When this card is destroyed, you can draw one card and instead remove this card from play. When it is send to the graveyard you can flip a coin and this card can act like a magic or a trapcard:

Heads: trapcard - destroy one monster on the field.

Tails: magiccard – resummon “AniGuardian – Noble Hercules”




Effect: When this card is drawn you can Special Summon it directly onto the field.



Continious Trapcard

This card can only be played when “Spirit-Monkey”, “Spirit-Lion” or “Spirit-Eagle” is send to the graveyard. You can put it on top of your deck and draw two cards each turn as long as it is kept on top of your deck. On the second turn after you activated this card, you must destroy it.



“I end my turn. You can have a go, Kamon.”


[Heliograph (0/1000)]


“Draw!” Kamon said and he smiled. “I summon Blindstrike Swordsman (0/0) in attackmode. I can add a counter to this card on each of my standby-phases. For each counter it gains 500 ATK or DEF, depending whether you are in your first or second standby-phase. Furthermore it cannot be destroyed as a result of battle.” The swordsman that had appeared, had two blank eyes, but wore normal clothes for a swordsman with two long blades on his back. “So I have passed my standby phase, it gains 500 (500/500).” Kamon smiled further. “It can also attack you directly at the cost of 200 lifepoints.”

Dustin – 3500

Kamon - 4550


“The downside for me is I have to lower my Swordsman`s ATK and DEF back to 0.”


[Heliograph (0/1000) , Blindstrike Swordsman (0/0)]


“I end my turn.” Kamon smiled. He had a little lifepoints-advantage.


Dustin nodded and draws two cards making Spirit-Monkey reappear on the field again. “Now I cut my Wise Tiger`s ATK in half and attack you directly!” he ordered.

Kamon – 3800


“Further I equip my Noble Hercules with Silence of the Attack, which makes the difference between my Hercules`s attack and your Blindstrike Swordsman attack come out of your lifepoints. Noble Hercules attack with Burning Fang!” Blindstrike Swordsman was still there, but Kamon`s lifepoints dropped to 2000.

Kamon – 2000


“I activate the trapcard Fast Ritual, allowing me to play Ritual of the Shadow Sword, tributing my Blindstrike Swordsman and Heliograph to summon Dreaded Shadowblade (2450/2400) in attackmode.” A dark clothed swordsmaster appeared. He was cloaked but you clearly could see he was heavely armed, with two big blades on his back.


“I end my turn,” Dustin said, “phew, you are good Kamon. Playing a Ritual-Monster on my turn. Your two new swordsman are great new cards.” Kamon nodded and smiled. “Thank you, Dustin.”



Ritual of the Shadow Sword

Ritual Spellcard

This card can be used to Ritual Summon “Dreaded Shadowblade”. You must also offer monsters with a total of 8 levelstars in order to activate it.


Dreaded Shadowblade


Effect: This card can only be Ritual Summoned by “Ritual of the Shadow Sword”. You also must tribute monsters with levelstars equel to 8. When this card is successfully Ritual Summoned, you can search your deck for a copy of a monster used for this ritual and add it to your hand. This card can destroy one card per turn.


Fast Ritual


You can play Ritual Spellcards on your opponent`s current turn.



“I can search my deck for a copy of a sacrifised monster, so I send another Heliograph to my hand.” Kamon draws a card. “Now I activate the effect of Dreaded Shadowblade and destroy your Jewel-Glance.” The spellcard was torn apart. “Now I play Card of Sanctity and we both draw until we have six cards.” He holds up three cards. “I play Polymerization and fuse my two Mega-Eternal-Seadragon in my hand to Fusion Summon Twinheaded Eternal Seadragon (4200/3800)!” Kamon ordered as a new dragon stood up. It had the shape of a Mega-Eternal-Seadragon, but where normally only one head sticks out, this two stick out. “Twinheaded Eternal Seadragon, attack with Twincore Lightening!” Wise Tiger was destroyed and Dustin`s lifepoints dropped to 500.

Dustin – 500.


“I remove my Wise Tiger from play and draw 1 card. Further I can increase my Noble Hercules`s ATK by 400 (2200/1000), because one is removed from play.”


“Good, Dreaded Shadowblade, attack with Twin Core Blade!” Kamon ordered and his new warrior destroyed Noble Hercules. “Thanks, Kamon, now I can flip a coin.” Dustin flipped on and out came tails. “It becomes a magiccard, resummoning Noble Hercules.”

Dustin – 300


“So this is the power of the AniGuardian?” Kamon asked. Dustin nodded and said, “More is coming.” Kamon smiled. “Let it come, I say.”



Twinheaded Eternal Seadragon


“Mega-Eternal-Seadragon” + “Mega-Eternal-Seadragon”

Effect: This Fusion Summoning can only be conducted by the above Fusion-Material Monsters. Further effect unknown.


“You want to see more, Kamon? Very well. I play Spirit`s Pride Rock!” Dustin said. “I do need to tribute my Noble Hercules and Spirit-Monkey, but it will prove worthwhile.” The landscape changed. It became farspread with trees covering small pieces of land. Then it started to rumble and a giant rock formation appeared behind Dustin. It was like a throne. “Ladies and gentleman, may I present the lair of the King of Animals? May I present to you the weapon for the defeat of Kamon?” Dustin asked the audience and they cheered.


“Show me, Dustin!” Kamon yelled with excitement. From the cave in the rock formation a shadow stepped. It was majestic, it`s footsteps were heard loud and clear.


“Meet AniGuardian – Majestic Lion (2400/1600), the weapon that will beat you.” Dustin smiled as the lion walked forward in slow paces and looked around. He had a golden crystal on his head. He roared and Kamon smiled.


“Now this is the challenge I was waiting for.”



To be continued………



Spirit`s Pride Rock


When you successfully activated this card during your turn, you can Special Summon “AniGuardian – Majestic Lion” to the field. Any other card but “Majestic Lion” cannot be destroyed as a result of battle. More details are yet unknown.




Preview Chapter 65 “Pride Rock! Dustin vs Kamon! (2)”

With “Spirit`s Pride Rock” on the field, Dustin takes advantage over Kamon. With his new “Majestic Lion” on the field he has little to fear about Kamon`s effect-monsters, only if they take him on in a one-on-one battle. However, Kamon`s Twinheaded dragon is destroyed. Does Kamon have to rely on the other dragon or can he pull out another new swordsman?





Whoah, when I started the duelling part, it went quick. Yes, most of you think, new cards! Well Dreaded Shadowblade was inspired by the fanfic-author ShadowBlade.


Spirit`s Pride Rock`s full effect will be revealed next episode as well what Majestic Lion exactly does.


Anyway, have a nice further day and expect the next chapter to be up at the 4th.

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Hope I get some reviews after this chapter!


Chapter 65 “Pride Rock! Dustin vs Kamon! (2)”


Kamon – 2000

Dustin – 300


Majestic Lion stood on top of Spirit`s Pride Rock. Before it was the towering twinheaded dragon of Kamon. The dragon had an attackpoint-advantage. Dustin was smiling. “So, the mighty lion versus the dragon? What would the audience wish for more?” he asked. He held up a card. “I know, I set one card facedown and end my turn.”



AniGuardian – Majestic Lion


Effect: This card cannot be summoned unless there is a “Spirit`s Pride Rock” on the field. This card is unaffected by any magic – or trapcards. This card gains 400 ATK and DEF per “AniGuardian” removed from play. When this card is destroyed, you can draw one card and instead remove this card from play. When it is send to the graveyard you can flip a coin and this card can act like a magic or a trapcard:

Heads: trapcard – negate one attack per turn

Tails: spellcard – all “AniGuardian”-monsters gain 200 ATK and DEF



“That facedown can’t be good for me, otherwise you would would not lay out your card so open.” Kamon draws a card. “I play Pot of Avarice, shuffling back my monsters from my graveyard into my deck. Then I play Necro Protector (500/1000) in defencemode.” A horned, red-armoured monster wearing a black cape appeared on his side in crouching position. “Then I set two cards facedown and end my turn.”


“Draw!” Dustin said and he draws a card. Then two of Kamon`s facedowns flipped up. “Anti-Spell Fragrance and Solemn Wishes. You know what that means. No direct activating of spellcards and I gain 500 lifepoints per card I draw from my deck.” Dustin nodded. “I set one card facedown. Then with my powered-up Majestic Lion, he gains 400 ATK per AniGuardian removed from play, I attack your Dreaded Shadowblade.”

Kamon – 1650




“That guy has some nasty moves,” Dragen claimed. “He took out Kamon`s Shadowblade with one strike. Luckily he locked down immediate play of spellcards.” The others nodded. Dragen and Arabel knew Kamon that he would find a way to beat Dustin. Arabel was there for 1,5 year but she started to like Kamon and his duelling tactics.


“Guys, I think I am going for a hamburger. Do I have to bring something for you?” Arabel asked. They all politely shook their heads. She smiled and left the group.




Somewhere else in a boatlike scenery in a room, a duel was going on. On one side of the field a man dressed like a pirate had 4000 lifepoints, a Pirate-Captain like monster on the field and two facedown monsters. He smiled while he saw his opponent struggling.


“Pirate-Commander, attack him directly!” the man ordered. The Pirate-Captainlike monster stroke the opponent, knocked his lifepoints down to 0 and disappeared.


“Please sir, give me another chance. I’ll do anything you want.” The man smiled at the freightened man on his feet. “Anything?” the man asked and the man on the ground nodded. Two pirate-dressed people entered the room.


“Dispose of him,” the man ordered, “the tube should do it.” He walked to a small circular window and looked outside. Apparantely they were under sealevel, the fishes were swimming past him. “Why did he give us the assignement to hunt cards and artifacts in Hisehade City? This is the biggest city in the world, not to mention it is the city where I was thrown out of.” He walked around and the door opened and another pirate entered the room.


“Excuse me, sir, but he has entered.” The man nodded and walked out of the room.




Kamon – 1650

Dustin – 300


“I set one more card and end my turn.” A reversed card appeared in front of Dustin.


“Fine then, draw!” Kamon said and he had drawn a card (2150). “I play Tribute to the Doomed and I discard one card from my hand in order to destroy one monster on the field. Begone my Necro-Protector!” The armoured monster disappeared with a loud bang. “I then remove it from play in order to summon a level-4 or below warrior from my deck to the field. So come out Blindstrike Swordsman!” Kamon ordered and his old swordsman reappeared. “It gains 1 counter.”

Kamon – 2150


[blindstrike Swordsman (500/500)]


“I could attack you directly, but I have something better in mind. This was still a special summon, now I conduct a normal summon, tributing my Heliograph I still had to summon Des Dondagalf (2200/2000). For one turn it gains the effect of Heliograph, so I raise it`s defence by 500 (2200/2500).”



Blindstrike Swordsman


Effect: This card gain a counter on your Standby-Phase. This card can attack directly, but when it does remove all counters from this card and reduce this card`s ATK and DEF to 0.


Necro Protector


Effect: When this card is destroyed as a result of battle, by removing this card from play, summon 1 level 4 or lower monster from your deck.



“Yeah, I have something too. Activate Gem Javelin, this allows me to remove two AniGuardians from either my deck or my hand from play to draw 4 cards and gain 1000 lifepoints.” He took out 2 cards, Vicious Shark and Mighty Bear. “Now my Spirit`s Pride Rock activates, allowing me to draw another two cards and gain one Spirit-Token (500/0).” A welplike creature appeared roaring silently.

Dustin – 1300


“Hmmmm, I destroy your Spirit-Token with my Twinheaded Eternal Seadragon!” Kamon ordered and the token was destroyed. “I end my turn.”


“Draw,” Dustin draws a card, smiles and holds it up, “I activate the set spellcard Smashing Ground, destroying the monster with the highest defencepoints on your field. So say good bye to your dragon!” Kamon`s dragon was destroyed. “Now because there were two more AniGuardians removed from play, my Majestic Lion gains 800 ATK (3600). Majestic, attack with Majestic Claw!” Dustin ordered and his lion destroyed Des Dondagalf, lowering Kamon`s lifepoints to 750. “Now I play Sebek`s Blessing, gaining the same lifepoints as you lost (2700).”

Kamon – 750

Dustin – 2700


“I end my turn.” Dustin said.


“Good, my facedown flips up. Curse of the Accursed!” Kamon ordered, “By lowering my Blindstrike Swordsman`s attack by 300, I can halve your lifepoints (1350). Of course I can still draw a card, so I gain 500 lifepoints (1250) due to Solemn Wishes. Oh and my Blindstrike Swordsman gains a counter and 500 points.”

Kamon – 1250

Dustin – 1350


[blindstrike Swordsman (700/700)]


“Next stop, Baby Draken (500/1000).” A dragonlike creature appeared on Kamon`s side of the field. It had big yellow eyes. “It is cute, don’t you think?” Kamon asked Dustin, who nodded. “Would you still like it if I reveal his nasty side? I tribute it to summon Drakenmort the Dragon-Fiend (2600/2200)!” Kamon ordered and a bigger dragon appeared, being horned. “I can’t do a thing, so I end my turn.”


Dustin nodded. He did go against a force which he had to reckon with. Kamon was one of the best duellist he knew, so he probably had something up to his sleeve. “I activate the effect of Spirit`s Pride Rock and draw another card and get a Spirit-Token (500/0).” He looked at his hand. “I summon AniGuardian – Brave Unicorn (1000/1000) onto the field.” A unicorn with a silver horn and a blue crystal on his head appeared. “Brave Unicorn attack Blindstrike Swordsman with Unihorn!”


“I don’t think so! Activate Lullaby of Silence. I gain 300 lifepoints and I can cancel out your attack (1550).” Kamon said.


“Does it matter? Majestic Lion attack his Drakenmort the Dragon-Fiend!” Dustin ordered and the lion lunged forward, but again a trap flipped up. “I activate Dragon Guard. My dragon gains 400 attackpoints and I negate your attack.”


“I end my turn with playing Mystical Space Typhoon and destroy your Anti-Spell Fragrance.” The card was destroyed and Kamon smiled. “Thank you, now we both can play the best cards we have.” Dustin nodded.


“Draw!” Kamon said and he gained 500 lifepoints (2050).

Kamon – 2050


“I activate my trapcard, Jewel Barrier. As long as I remove one monster from the game, I can negate Effect-Damage.” Dustin removed AniGuardian – Noble Hercules from the game.


“Who said I was going to do that?” Kamon asked suspiciously.




Curse of the Accursed


This card can only be activated at the beginning of one of your turns. Lower the original ATK of one monster on your side of the field to halve your opponent`s lifepoints.


Dragon Guard


You can only activate this card when a Dragon-type monster is selected as attack target. Negate the attack and increase the selected dragon's attack and defense by 400. When the attack is succesfully negated, destroy this card on your next End Phase.



AniGuardian – Brave Unicorn


Effect: This card is unaffected by magiccards or effects from monsters. When this card is removed from play, you can summon any monster which was removed from play to the field. When this card is destroyed, you can draw one card and instead remove this card from play.


Gem Javelin


Remove two “AniGuardian”-monsters from play to draw 4 cards. If you applied this successfully, you gain 1000 lifepoints.


Jewel Barrier


Per monster you remove from play, you can negate effect-damage per turn.


Spirit`s Pride Rock


When you successfully activated this card during your turn, you can Special Summon “AniGuardian – Majestic Lion” to the field. Any other card but “Majestic Lion” cannot be destroyed as a result of battle. Per card you remove from play you can draw a card and gain 1 Spirit-Token (1/500/0/LIGHT/Fairy). As long as this card is in play, you can keep “AniGuardian – Majestic Lion” in play. When this card is destroyed, so is “AniGuardian – Majestic Lion”.



“I never said I would do any effect damage. You gave me the tools to defeat you, Dustin. Always be on your guard when it comes to destroying someone`s tactic.” Kamon inserted a spellcard into his dueldisc. “I play Bloodbound Brethern. By tributing all my monsters on the field, I can summon a new swordsman, one you have not seen before. Here is my Eucalyptor (0/0)!” Kamon said as the spellcard vanished and a new warrior rose onto the field. He had shiny black armor and a silver cloak waving around him. He was masked and only his darkblue eyes were visible. The helmet was in the form of a dragon.


“I heard of that card. It is experimental but already a lot of top-duellists want it.” Dustin looked in awe as the swordsmaster was on Kamon`s field.


“Now for it`s ability, I can destroy any card on your side of the field. Begone Spirit`s Pride Rock and so will be your Majestic Lion.” Dustin shook his head. He knew it was over. He fought bravely, but Kamon turned out to be to powerfull. “And now for it`s other ability, Eucalyptor gains 500 ATK and DEF per monster sacrifised and monster destroyed by Bloodbound Brethern or his effect. So that makes it 3, makes it 1500!” Kamon smiled. “Well, Dustin, you fought like a true warrior, but now it is over. Eucalyptor attack his Spirit-Token!” Kamon said. The token was destroyed.


“Doesn’t matter, my lifepoints don’t go down.” Dustin said.


“Ever heard of piercing damage?” Kamon asked and the blow stroke Dustin down and his lifepoints fell back to 0. It was all over.


Kamon – 2050

Dustin – 0




Kamon walked up to Dustin and helped him up. “You did a great job, Dustin. I was really taken by this duel. I hope some day we can duel again.” He extended his hand and Dustin shook it. The referee and the PA approached them and so did Dragen, Jen, RJ, Xander, Arabel, Sienna and Marcy.


“I told you I would not lose, Dragen?” Kamon said. Dragen shook his head. “I never doubted you.”


The PA and the referee carried a large cup to them. It was golden and had large ears. “Ladies and gentleman, I am very happy to award this cup to the one and only, public-favourite Kamon McFlinn!” the PA said and gave it to Kamon. He, Marcy, Dragen, Arabel and Jen brought it into the air and cheered.


In the shadows of the stadium a man in a silver cape, silver jacket and black jeans stood. He talked through his headset. “I have found them. Waiting for orders.”




In the boat from previously, the pirate-captain entered a large room, with TV-screens. It also had a large round table. All chairs were pointed towards the table, however one did not. The captain closed the door and the chair turned around. In it was a man in a black cloak, but underneath he wore an armor unknown. It had some dragon-heads.


“It is time, Captain.” The captain nodded. He pushed a button and from a sideroom three people appeared. They all wore red-purple robes.


“I give you JuriDino, Cyberdark and Roman. They are in the rank of “Master”.” The captain said that and the cloaked man stepped up walking around the three men. “I thought you had five of them ready, I only see three.”


“Rampage and Truth-Mask are already in place, sir.” The cloaked man nodded.


“Very well, do what I hired you for, bring the Artifacts to me, the cards you may keep.” The captain nodded and saluted. The armor of the cloaked man glowed and with a flash the man disappeared.


“Whatever. For me it is revenge. Look out, Hisehade City, because Captain Mutinus and the Duel-Pirates are on their way.”



To be continued………



Preview Chapter 66 “Festival! Junk Guardian!”

A festival is held by McFlinn Corp. Between the celebrations, Kamon and friends, including Dustin, have time to relax and Dragen eventually agrees to duel in a Cage-Duel against some kid using a deck of random cards. This kid, called C-Kid, is an expert in duelling with random cards. Dragen has to tap into the full power of his new deck in order to defeat him, or could his old Monarch`s help him? In the meantime Jen plays with her band, Kamon finds a book, giving him a look in the past and a kid finds Rontaro`s old Chaos-deck……………………





I really liked writing this chapter. I did not yet have a final name for the swordsmaster that would appear, but because of the effect I had in mind I made it Eucaliptor.


You probably have questions. They will all be answered when they need to be answered.


Who are Rampage, JuriDino, Cyberdark, Roman and Truth-Mask? They are codenames for the duellists working for Captain Mutinus. More I won’t reveal.

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