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6 Cards, My first ones ^__^ Hope they are ok


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I recently got into YuGiOh and I looove it. Then i found this website and i thought"this is soo cool" I don't know alot about YuGiOh but i would like your opinion on how my cards look.


PS you will see on every card FOL- and a number, fol stands for:

Fairy Of Life, a pack name that i thought up, the number indicates the card number, in this pack of mine there are 120 cards, just saying




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Well. Welcome =D.

You sound pretty nice; and excited (O.O),

So I'll Say this.

Use image tags to avoid some harsher folk, since lots of people are to lazy to use tabs well. =D.

(To use image tags, simply click the card preview itself in the card maker; and make sure, if not already on it, to put Your cards Url Here. The card maker automatically uploads it to image shack, and gives you the URL under the card, ready for copy and pasting. Just copy and paste that into your post, and boom, those lazy members will get a smile =].)

Now for the cards.

I've got to say, you're pretty good at picking images.. For a newbie =D.

The OCG (Original Card Grammar; You know, the stuff that makes them sound yu-gi-oh cardey.) Has a few holes, most notably in Casanova's first sentence. (Best pick up line ever.) Also, Fairys is spelt Fairies. =].

But, since this is your first set, and you've created these cards so well for someone's first try.. I'll give you..


Improve, my next rating might not be so nice. >=].

2sick~ ^__^

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