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How to Make A Good Card Contest


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Heres How You Make A Good Card Contest:


1. You need good theme of the contest. Its not a good idea to do a crazy idea card contest. (e.g pokemon morphed with yugioh card contest)


2. You wanna have a good name for it so it can attract more people. A bad name would be like this if you want to do a rock and aqua type monster contest :earth ocean contest.


3. You need to have a good prize. But you don't have to take my advice.


4. It's best to have a prize for the top three, not just the winner. (e.g 1st place 3 rep

50 points, 2nd place 40 points 2 rep, 3rd place 30 points 1 rep.


5. Give examples of the type of card the person is gonna submit.


Hope This Helps!

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Great tutorial!

The only step I disagree with is step number three.

If a person does not wish to hold a certain amount for a prize' date=' he/she has the right to do so.


... you might have to edit step number three... :)

I hope I helped!




That's right, but if the prize is too low it might not attract many people. Nice tut though. But 50 points, isn't a bit too much?

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