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Ice/snow cards


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Shikaya's effect isn't limited, so you can draw as much as you want as long as you've got LP to spare... 1000 LP pot of greed with unlimited uses...


Without Shekaya, Shiaki's alright, but a bit weak. Make the stats go up by 300 each.


Shiika's alright, (w/out Shikaya again), but her OCG is weird. You can discard a card to return her to your hand. Where are you returning her from? RFP? Grave? specify...


Shiiya's too strong. Get 500 damage in, then kill him (so your LP aren't vulnerable by an attack on him anymore) and get an lvl 6 or lower on your opponent's side of the field to go to yours. Do something like this, and you totally flip the duel. (say, your opponent's Raiza, or their Jinzo, is now yours... that's power! Or even taking away their marshmallon or spirit reaper... leaving them nigh defensless).


"Froze the Air" is a funny name, but the card's balanced. as for "Heart of Ice", I'm not sure, seeing as Shekaya is completely overpowered you need to change her before I get back to you on balance. As for OCG, I will tell you that its not 'x300 Life Points', but 'any multiple of 300 Life Points'


... so I'm against Darth Browarod and Deswombat. You need to get these cards fixed.

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