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All My Pokesplices...so far

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Dude, if it wasn't for Dialkia up there, then your rating from me would be a flat out 0/10, but since it's up there, It's a flat out 1/10. Tips:


-Save as .PNG


-Put parts in more natural looking places


-Sometimes, you need to make the outline longer when on the re-coloring steep (Unless the color is very close to the pokemon your re-coloring)


-Don't just slap on and re-color

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They scarcly even connect, is Piplup really strong enough to move with huge wings many times larger than its body? And how do the Latios fly with those huge arms? Deoxys's tail is facing a different direction, which doesn't make sense with the way it's bent...

Try again, scrap these, save as .PNG

I've also seen that Dialga splice multiple times, please try something original

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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