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Final Fantasy VII


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I don't know if this is the right section.

But i present to you the Final Fantasy VII Deck.

(i will make other FF Deck's when i have time)


Barret Wallace: Leader of AVALANCHE



Cait Sith: An Fortune Teller (i have made 2 cards of him, the descriptions are different)



Cait Sith and Mog: Fortune Teller with his moogle: Mog



Cid Highwind: Pilot that helps Cloud and his friends.



Cloud Strife: The hero of the game, and mercenary and Ex-Soldier



Red XIII/Nanaki: A beast that has as nickname Red XIII but he really names Nanaki. He joins the group when they rescue him.



Tifa Lockheart: She works as an Bar hostess at the hideout of AVALANCHE at 7th Heaven in Sector 7.



Vincent Valentine: Shinra(evil one) has inflicted him much horror in his soul and he joins the group, his past is an secret.



Yuffie Kisaragi: She is one of an tradition-bound ninja clan, and she joins forcefully AVALANCHE.



This is my first post so pls go easy on me.

IF you have questions or other things related to me,

yust ask me :D

I hope i sometimes get this ones or others that i am going to make

in reviews :D


Sincerly DJScias

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Um... Normal monsters? I want effects. x_x


K...I understand but there are some that are stronger than Cloud.

And if you know a bar hostess or flower merchant is not going to hit massivly...

But i will try to get effects into it, and make theire att and def again.

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your cloud pic sucks


Oke then...:( If you think like that,

to bad for the other ppl, but i will not change

the cards anymore because of this.

So its ur fault the ppl don't get to see effects.


Sincerly DJScias


P.S. Sorry guys, but if they are going to say something

like that, then it means i did not put much effort in it and

then i will stop the change of the FF VII Edition Effect's

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