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The 'animetor07' Thread // PLZ READ


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Recently, animetor closed down her request thread. She's in a very deep depression just cause she says she's not as good as those 'Japanese Bad*sses.'


And I'd like to say:


"WHO CARES? You have talent in art, animetor. But you put yourself down like this? WHO CARES if your noxt as good as the Japanese animetors?"


I'd really like to help animetor. I mean this site is a big Yu-Gi-Oh/Pokemon loving family, right?


So I'd just like people to post here saying.


"I, (insert username), wish to help animetor07 get back up on her feet."


And so, I, notsohandyman, wish to help animetor07 get back up on her feet.


Thank you.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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