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What a crazy nightmare.


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Ok, I used to have this nightmare that quit within the last year. At first, the island village that I live on in the nightmare was peaceful. Everyone was nice to me, but what seems like 1 hour later in the nightmare, everyone started attacking me and they tried to throw me into a volcano. Every time that I woke up at the end of that very nightmare, I could feel something like electricity running through my veins. Do any of you think that you might know why it feels like electricity is running through my veins.

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yep I know you had a nightmare dude adrenaline was pumping though your veins man but some times you wake after you calm down so some people don't feel it that happens every time I wake up with that singular dream i have think nothing of it man

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Grow up?

Seriously. It's a nightmare; were you think you're going to die.

Not common at all.

There's medication if applicable, simple hobby breaking and psychiatry for this sort of behavior. A thread being necessary?

Anyway, the electrical surge you describe, is more than likely, actually, positively, adrenaline. And..

Adrenaline is a common sub-factor of fear. You're obviously scared of dying, and it's plaguing your sub-conscious into submission.

Or whatever; It might just be you.

Either way; Tell someone in your home-life; It would do you alot more good than what's offered here.


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