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Coelacanth Combo


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I've devised a card combo, using Coelacanth from PTDN (I think).


Here's how it works:


Use up to the first 3 cards in your hand to summon Coelacanth to the field, alone preferably.


Discard 1 card to summon 1 Golden Flying Fish, and 3 Deepsea Macrotrema from your deck.


Play Book of Moon, then Book of Taiyou on Golden Flying Fish.


Use Golden Flying Fish's Effect to clear what field you can (or all of it most likely if pulled on your first turn, second move of the duel). Tribute all 3 Macrotremas for this. NOTE: You can still tribute the Macrotremas even if there's no card to destroy.


Golden Flying Fish now has 3200 ATK, and Coelacanth has 4300 ATK, 500 additional attack per Macrotrema sent from the field to the grave.


Attack Directly with both Golden Flying Fish and Coelacanth.


Opponent will be hit for 7500 damage, leaving him with 500 if he wasn't hit for anything before-hand.


On your next turn (if opponent wasn't finished off in first turn):


Discard the 1 card in your hand to summon 3 Fish-type monsters again.


Tribute each to use Golden Flying Fish's effect to clear the field (again).


Attack Directly with Coelacanth or Flying Fish for game.


Most likely, if this is pulled of in your first move, when you go second in the duel, your opponent will have set 3 or fewer cards, thus, Golden Flying Fish's effect will clear it entirely once you've tributed the 3 Macrotremas you also summoned with Coelacanth.


The only problem with this being an OTK move is the fact that it deals, at most, 7500 damage to the opponent. However, if, on the random chance you use LESS then 3 cards from opening hand to summon Coelacanth, and then have a card in your hand to burn the opponent for 500 or more, then congratulations, you've pulled off an OTK.

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