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Copy Crisis, YCM's First MMX Team! Epilogues


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Episode One


f09jy0.jpgWritten by Burn Rooster(Torchman)[/i]


Two reploids walk down the dusty street. One fowl like reploid stops, annoyed.


f09jy0.jpgRooster: Well, this stinks. Almost all of our brethren were killed off by X and the Maverick Hunters, and here we are left with six Copy Chips! I don't even know what to do with these!


2cp9h1e.jpgYeti: I think I might know what to do with them!


f09jy0.jpgRooster: Yeah? What's your plan, cause I'm all out of ideas!


Avalanche Yeti whispers something in Burn Rooster's ear.


f09jy0.jpgRooster: Ooooooh no. You are NOT going to talk me into that one.


2cp9h1e.jpgYeti: It's not like we have much of a choice. It's either that, or shut down poor and helpless.


f09jy0.jpgRooster: I know, but give these Copy Chips to people and then make a crime fighting team to fight evil? How cliche is that?


2cp9h1e.jpgYeti: It's better than your idea of making millions in the frozen yogurt indusrty.


f09jy0.jpgRooster: Hey! It was a good investment... besides the fact that reploids don't eat frozen yogurt...


2cp9h1e.jpgYeti: You should have invested in snow cones, instead. But anyway! Let's go find random reploids who are worthy to be our comrades!


f09jy0.jpgRooster: I don't like the direction where this is heading...


And so, the Job Search begins!


2cp9h1e.jpgYeti: Hello, I've come to give you this once in a lifetime offer!


Random Guy: OH NO! They've come for me! *dives under a table*


f09jy0.jpgRooster: Ooo-kay, that was random.


2cp9h1e.jpgYeti: Hmmm... what a queer little fellow. Hey, what about you?


Spam-Bot: L0LZ$RS, N00BZ! DU U [email protected]^ $0mE s00PER p0rn0!!?? OMFG!


f09jy0.jpgRooster: *torches down the Spam-Bot* Sorry, I couldn't help it. I didn't even want to know what he was trying to sell us.


2cp9h1e.jpgYeti: Hmmm... I wonder why we can't find any worthy reploids to dramatically alter their lives?


While they were walking around the square, they see a little reploid wandering around...


pt018: Um.. hello? Hello? Why is everyone ignoring me?


2cp9h1e.jpgYeti: Hey, you!


pt018: Yeah?


2cp9h1e.jpgYeti: What's your name?


Random Guy: whispers Don't listen to them! They'll get you, too!


f09jy0.jpgRooster: *slaps the Random Guy* Ah, shaddap.


2cp9h1e.jpgYeti: What's your name?


pt018: The name's Unit pt018. I'm kind of new here.


2cp9h1e.jpgYeti: Hmmmm... how would you like to be our Gravity Antonion?


pt018: Gravity Antonion? You mean that crazy psycho Einstein maverick that went around destroying stuff until X stopped him?


2cp9h1e.jpgYeti: Um... yes.


pt018: I'd love to! He's my idol!


f09jy0.jpgRooster: I...can't...believe...it was that... EASY!


Avalanche Yeti installs the Copy Chip into pt018's frame and soon he transforms into a large purple ant reploid.


2rdkf8y.jpgAntonion: Excellent... I am now GRAVITY ANTONION!


f09jy0.jpgRooster: Yeah.. whatever.


Suddenly, an explosion is heard across the city...


Random Guy: Help! The Noid have come to eat our corn chips! WE MUST FLEE!


f09jy0.jpgRooster: Your even more cuckoo than Light from Death Note.


Light: How dare you! I protect the innocent and those who fear evil! That's it, I'm writing your name in my Death Note!


f09jy0.jpgRooster: Um, hate to burst your bubble, but were not humans. Were reploids.


Light: SHUT UP! I'm going to go brood in my room now!


f09jy0.jpgRooster: Ya, you do that. What IS happening!


Citizen: HELP! The Spam-Bots are attacking! Who will save us!


2cp9h1e.jpgYeti: Don't worry, we'll save you!


Citizen: Hey! Your not Superman!


f09jy0.jpgRooster: TOUGH BEANS, METAL FACE!


2rdkf8y.jpgAntonion: Um... do we even have a strategy?




2cp9h1e.jpgRooster: Crap... I think we do.


Citizen: OH NO! They are destroying the streets with their incomprehensible language!


Suddenly, a bunch of Spam-Bots fall to the ground, destroyed. A figure steps out.




2rdkf8y.jpgAntonion: Wow, who the heck is that guy?


f09jy0.jpgRooster: Obviously some random guy off the streets that AY will most probably deem worthy to join our team in the next couple of seconds.


Sure enough, Liquicent is inserting the Copy Chip into the frame of protoman527799.


fvva6c.jpgTrilobyte: Hey! I look different now!


2rdkf8y.jpgAntonion: Well, welcome to the team! Now let's attack!


Gravity Antonion shifts gravity and a dozen Spam-Bots are trapped between reality and non-reality for some screwed up reason. Avalanche Yeti is deep freezing a bunch of Spam-Bots and ripping them apart. Burn Rooster is setting a bunch of Spam-Bots on fire, and Earthrock Trilobyte is using his new-found powers and destroying Spam-Bots left and right with crystals.


Spam-Bot: o noez! d3 r 2 mch! R3TRT!


2cp9h1e.jpgYeti: There! We've won!


fvva6c.jpgTrilobyte: That was fun!


2rdkf8y.jpgAntonion: And we kicked grammatically incorrect butt!


f09jy0.jpgRooster: But we shouldn't get people from off the street like that. This could well have been a type of Copy Crisis.


2cp9h1e.jpgYeti: Hmmm... Copy Crisis...


f09jy0.jpgRooster: Oh, great. What have I done now? The next thing we know he's going to NAME our team Copy Crisis


2cp9h1e.jpgYeti: Torch, your a genius! That's going to be our team name! From now on we are.... COPY CRISIS!!!


{Well, Copy Crisis is finally formed! But are the Spam-Bots finished? Until then, this is Copy Crisis, signing off!}

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