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my best try yet PLZ RAte comment


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You'll need to change the payment method. The only cards I remember that add Spells to your hand are Magical Stone Excavation and Spell Reproduction... and if you look, those guys need 2 discards... not an LP cost. So if you want to just make another version of these cards, then make the effect some damaging discard. If you want to make the card original, then choose something other than LP.


In fact, this would make it too easy to get spells in the metagame, with the payment of only 500 LP you could add Lightning Vortex and/or A Legendary Ocean to your hand (nice combo in water decks). For 1000 LP, you could add Magic Cylinder (which is most likely going to do much more damage than the 1000 you paid) and/or Solemn Judgement or some other effect-negating card(s) for an easy lockdown... the possibilites are limitless!


is this really your best? It might look like it at a glance, but the card's pretty unoriginal and overpowered, sorry.

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