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yugioh duel nightmares fanfic version


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there is also a roleplay of this


ok heres the intro:


it is the year 2010 and evil beings have taken over the world. there is a war and no one is safe. no one at all. 3 teenagers have run away from home and are rebelling. is it enough?


001 the new companion


another teenager jumps from the tree.


??? - it is against the law to leave the city. i shall let you pass if you defeat me in a duel

chris - ill beat you

??? - my name is sean by the way

chris - im chris


chris&sean - duel


chris lp - 4000

sean lp - 4000


*chris draws 5 cards and sean does the same*


chris - ill go first *draws* i summon metal legend - james shaffer in attack mode! <1400> i'll end my turn by placing a face down


sean - *draws* i play the field spell pacific ocean! since it is a spell card i place an ocean counter on it! now i remove tht ocean counter from the card to summon horndrill whale in attack mode! <2400> now attack with brain mine!


chris - i play my trap! broken amplifier! this negates your attack and halves your monsters attack points! then it halves your life points!




sean lifepoints - 2000


sean - i play raigeki!


chris - oh no! *james shaffer destroyed*


sean - now i play scapegoat and end my turn


chris - *draws* i play card destruction!


both players - *both players discard their hands and draw*


chris - just the monster i wanted! i summon metal legend - johnathon davis in attack mode! <800> he may seem weak but he gains 200 attack points for every metal legend monster in my graveyard! there are 4 metal legend monsters in my grave yard so he gains 800 attack points! *johnathon davis' attack rises to 1600* now i play the equip spell card flaming microphone! now johnathon davis gains 600 attack points! now i play raigeki! *seans sheep tokens explode* now johnathon davis attack with vocal scream!


seans lifepoints - 0000


sean - where are you guys going anyway?

chris, kallum and liam - we are running away and hiding and training our dueling skills. then we are going to rebel against the dark-duel master.

sean - i'll come with you guys

everyone - *starts walking*




next time on yugioh duel nightmares...


??? - to save the girl you will have to beat me in a duel

linda - help!

??? - quiet foolish girl! do you wish for me to feed you to the sharks? now, who will be my opponent?

liam - me!

??? - fine!


liam's lifpoints - 4000

???'s lifepoints - 4000


???&liam - duel

??? - *draws* i'll summon nature creature - gladiator tiger in attack mode! <1600> i end my turn

liam - i summon evil being - torture master in attack mode! <1400>

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