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Blue-Eyes Shining. -__- Yeah, I know, fail.


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Let me begin by saying YES I know this deck fails. I ran it 11 rimes and only got it to succeed once. Next, I am very inexperienced with this deck type, so I'm a bit eeeehhhhh on what to include (I have some idea though).


I welcome your flames, for this concept is shaky and fail-tastic. None the less, I tried it and expect at least SOME tips. -__- Here goes an abomination:




Blue-Eyes Shining Dragon x3

Blue-Eyes White Dragon x3

Masked Dragon x3

Armed Dragon Lv. 3 x3

Armed Dragon Lv. 5 x2[/align]




Reasoning x3

Monster Gate x3

A Feather Of The Phoenix x3

Monster Reincarnation x3

Dragon's Mirror x3

Nobleman Of Crossout x2

Lightning Vortex x2

Heavy Storm

Monster Reborn

Card Destruction[/align]




Solemn Judgment x3

Return From The Different Dimension




Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon[/align]


The IDEA is to dump as many cards into the Graveyard as possible. Hopefully, this will include my 3 Dragons. Then Mirror up some Ultimate Dragon, tribute for Shining. I want monster Reincarnation in case I accidentally drop all of my Shining Dragons, and AFoTP is for Spell recovery - though I would need to wait a turn and endure some damage.


If things go according to plan (which, of coarse, they don't) I can clear backfield with Heavy Storm and front field with Vortex, Reborn an Ultimate Dragon, and attack for the win.


I'm sure you must all be asking - WHY EVEN BOTHER WITH THIS DECK?!?



...I dunno. I was bored.

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Yuuuup. Five Headed would work much better and easier. There's even more room for adjustment since I could back on the Spells and add more dragons. But I made this cuz I was like "omg shining dragon phail lol"


Oh well. I'm gonna tear this deck apart soon xD

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