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pc without the m


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this isnt really meant to be competitive




armaggedon knight x 2

necro gardna x 2

d hero disk commander x 1

d hero malicious x 2

d hero fear monger x 2

LaDD x 2

d hero plasma x 2

snagan x 1

snipe hunter x 1

elemental hero stratos x 1

cyber dragon x 2

marshmallon x 1




scape goat x 1

brain control x 1

destiny draw x 3

trade in x 3

monster reborn x 1

premature burial x 1

reinforcement of the army x 2

heavy storm x 1

enemy controller x 2




limit reverse x 2

mirror force x 1

torrential tribute x 1

trap dustshoot x 1

mind crush x 1

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