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My Flame Dragon


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hmmm well lets see umm....well for one maybe think of an effect to do with fire or fast movement or dragonish etc... if not then make your description longer "A dragon that rules the flames" is a bit bland why not try something like "A fearsome dragon that overtime learned and eventually mastered the ferocious element of fire" or something longer (BUT NOT TOO LONG). The image is great and relates perfectly to the card. Oh I almost forgot a level 8 monsters is usually in the 3000's like blues eyes white dragon, so lower it's level by at least one to match it's ATK and DEF since it has no effect.


Things To Improve:

-I no it's a good pic, but see if you can find an even better 1 with a fancy background

-Maybe add an effect, if not, make it longer and more descriptive (like my example ^)

-Change the level to match the card's ATK and DEF since there is no effect to give it that level


I give your card a good beggining score of 6.8/10. I can't give you a 7 or more until it's level matches it's ATK and DEF or your OCG is almost perfect. Great job for your first card, keep on trying and something way better than this will be created you've got what it takes to make good cards :D


- Capruce

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