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[align=center]Hi people of the forums! If you post a reply, you see those little smilies? right? Well now, you can get your own custom one! Fire! Water! Cereal!


For example...


Corn Muffins - Can I have a rainbow shock smily?

Me - On it! That'll be 1 point!

Corn Muffins - That's it! Im ripping you off!

Me - No not really n00b.

Corn Muffins - ...

Me - Sorry if it is ugly but.. - smilesr9.jpg

Corn Muffins - It is awesome!

Me - Not really dude but thanks!


Shock looks bad oftenly but others are fine!


Moving ones or 3 points

The ones on the side are 1

And custom request are 2


You may request Ultimate Ryan to do it...



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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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