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Photography help


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Could anyone here teach me how to be a good photographer and rate the pictures that I send you if you get the job? Experienced photographers only.


Pay is 10 points per week. I'm trying to become good at photography so that I can enter in photography contests for money. If you know of any good photographers that are members on this site, please tell me which member is a good photographer.


If I become a great photographer by the end of 6 months, You will get 2 extra + reps.


Pm me if you are interested in the job. Please pm me at least 5 sample pictures that you have recently taken. Anyone who wants to teach me how to become a good photographer needs to pm me the 5 pictures by the end of this week.


Thanks for reading.

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orihime, i can help you, and i can send you some of my pictures, as soon as i can get in contact with my teacher


and depending on the quality of your camera, you should be able to take fairly decent pictures


some key aspects







the taller the image is, depends on where the light should be


very tall image, upper left hand side

medium height, upper right hand side

and short, upper middle


only extremely tall objects should have light at the bottum


distance, should be obvious

tall images, you should be close to

short images, father away

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My camera is the Nikon Coolpix L3.


Here are some pictures of what it looks like.






Is that a good camera? Someone is letting me use their camera, and I'm not sure if this is a good camera. I would've asked them to teach me how to be a good photographer, but they are very busy.

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