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Starmie Army! (Help Us Out So It Can Grow)


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Well, as you all know, Acnerdz returned. I talked to him about whether or not he was gonna continue his Starmie Army project. In a surprising turn of events, he offered me the chance to restart the Starmie Army with a new thread! I accepted and after asking a whole bunch of questions, I decided to revive this thing and hopefully this project will be finished.


Here is the army he compiled so far:



and here are the ones I did already (excluding Roselia & Milotic cos he already put them on there):










stargon.png (by Ultimate Ryan)

starmiearmy.pngstarmiearmy1.pngstarmiearmy2.png (by Mikaeo)




Added bonus: Lucemon

lucemonstarmielk8.png (both by Umbra)


28v95bn.png (by CrazyKev)


And here are the ones that Shaymin did. She asked if I would put hers on here:





She also Did Shaymin, Munchlax, and Eevee.



starmiearmysprites2.png(by cardmaker)


2ahwql3.jpg(by aznwhitey)

untitled-1.png(by dark sanji)


recolorstarmie.jpg (by Zebra Wearing Trench Coat)


Just to let all of the members know, I need a lot of support to finish recoloring all of the Pokemon. I will not recolor all of them by myself, so please get to recoloring!


Once again, I'd like to thank Acnerdz for passing on this lone-forgotten, newly revived project to me and I hope we can recruit all 493 or so!


Pokemon recolored so far: 125/493


Wanna help? Follow the Code...



The main color of the pokemon must become Starmie Purple... Other colored parts Such as leaves, line, Antenas, And everything else thats not main is the red or yellow that is on Starmie...


There cant be changes with like the mouth and eyes...


It must be colored like the first post...


The colors must be taken from Starmie...


Ect, Ect, Ect


(It can not be posted already)

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