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Pokemon Topaz and Amythest Club (1 Rep Per Join)

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This is an orginization based on making a brand new Pokemon Game.


Topaz and Amythest.


Please, I need all the help I can get, so plz sign up.


Sign Up Sheet:




Leader Of: (PM Me, ex: Pokemon Design, World Map Design,etc.)

Extra Stuff:


Please join today!


Members of Project:


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Name:Zepher or Thomas




Leader:of Supervising (checking if every thing is going right)


Extra:I can help on anything if someone shows me how





I would really like to join this club/clan


P.s. sorry abot my talents, but I am a hard worker


If I make itor not pls messge me. also if u need help

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Name: Mikaeo

Talents: Pokemon Splicing - Banner Making

Leader Of: Don't wanna be a leader, just wanna help out.

Extra Stuff: When I say banner making, I mean I could make one to advertise this, but it couldn't be too complicated as I am not great at it, I made the Pokemon Splice Splicers Club banner. Also, someone would have to give me some ideas for the splices as I am freash out of 'em at the moment.

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