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Viral Infection set

Talos the Golden

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Well, here's the first cards of my Viral Infection set.






Lesser Virus + Deadly Virus #1


This card is Fusion Summoned in face down defence mode.

When this card is destroyed in battle, equip it to the attacking monster. A monster equipped to this card is considered " Contaminated" a " Contaminated" monster loses half its ATK points each of your opponent's turns.

When the " Contaminated" monster's ATK reaches zero it is removed from play and this monster is Special Summoned in face up attack mode on your side of the field.















I know these cards are not perfect, so if people could tell me what's wrong so I can fix it, that would be great.

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dude' date='the fusion card is interesting,but it's attack is way too high,give it like 2500 0r 2600. besides that, not really much goin' on here.3/10



The idea of giving it such a high attack was to present the player with the choice to ether use its effect or to use it for battle, but I can see what you mean, I might slightly change the effect so it loses attack points every turn..

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