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Another Dream Topic>.<

Lazer Yoshi

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Yes, I had a weird dream too.

I was sleeping in my bed. Then brother walks out of the room to get a glass of water. Then my Dad follows him in there. My Dad turns into a tan alien with black eyes and 1 finger on each hand shaped like a pocketknife. I ran to the door, but I tripped over a Baby Pegasus, who then transformed into another alien, this time blue, red eyes, and had 50 wings flapping and making tornadoes. My Brother stands in terror, and the brown Alien slices his neck. My Bro's head turns into a cylinder, and starts puking this muddy, sticky, substance that was the color of balsa wood. Then his face turned violet. As I know CPR, I rush to my brother. Then both aliens call other aliens, then they throw me out the window. 600000 Aliens were now chasing me, except my GF(who was not an alien). She stood by my side to help me. We both died together, and we lived in heaven, but then i woke up, cause my bro turned on the light to get a glass of water.

Im wondering, espeically bout my GF there. Does this mean I will fall in permanent love and forget about my family. What, nah. But, it felt too releastic. The Dream wasnt blurry like the others. It might have been the medicine I was on to cure my sore throat.

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