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Psi Fighter Set (better prefix suggestions?)


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The Psi Fighters work by getting more than one on the field at a time to unleash thier abilities.



Monsters - 5








Spells - 0


Traps - 1





Cards Lore Zone




Tribute one "Psi Fighter" card on the Field to destroy one Spell or Trap Card on your Opponent's Field.



Stealth Blader


Tribute one "Psi Fighter" on the Field to allow this card to attack your Opponent's Life Points Directly. Direct Damage from this card is doubled.




Tribute one "Psi Fighter" card on the Field to double this cards ATK and give it the following Effect: When this card destroys a monster in Attack Position, your Opponent takes damage equal to that cards DEF.




Tribute one "Psi Fighter" on your Field to destroy every Card on the Field exept this card




Tribute 3 "Psi Fighters" on the Field and Discard one random card from your Hand to destroy every card on your Opponent's Field and inflict 200 points of direct damage to your Opponent for every card destroyed.



(Questions and Comments welcome)

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