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Pokemon - Invasion of Deoxys [Short Chapter 1 up]


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-The Invasion of Deoxys-



This is my Fan-Fic. It is based on Pokemon, and the pokemon I may refer to have been inspired by a brilliant pokemon artist, whose name I shall reveal at a later date, to keep it a bit secret. (to prevent overuse of art and stealing ideas)


Background Information:


Deoxys is the Space-Virus Pokemon. He can infect a pokemon, making it stronger and more evil. Once the pokemon has been infected with Deoxys, Deoxys is in control of the host's stength's, sense, and will power. It completely control's the host.


In this fan-fic, Deoxys, will come by 5. 5 Deoxys, will be the antagonisits in the story, as well as some other minor characters.


the Main Characters are:


Deoxys (alpha)

Deoxys (beta)

Deoxys (delta)

Deoxys (gamma)

Deoxys (zeta)


Proffessor Markus Stevens

Dr. Ivy


Zax (recent pokemon champion)


*guest star appearences*


Meowth (team rocket)

Lance (pokemon league champion)




I don't have chapter 1 complete just yet, but I will have it up and running shortly. Expect it up by Friday.


[spoiler=Chapter 1]

Chapter 1




*Dr. Ivy woke up in the morning to find that she was 10 minuites late for work with Dr. Stevens. She is greeted by her Garndevoir*


Dr. Ivy: "Darn Snooze button. It always makes me late."


Garndevoir: "Garnevoir" Sounding quite happy.


Dr. Ivy: "At least you are here to wake me up." She said with a smile.


Dr. Ivy: "Garndevoir, can you fetch my lab coat while I get dressed?"


Garndevoir: "Garndevooar!" She said with so much joy.


Dr. Ivy: "Ok. I know, you get fed in a few minuites.. I'll get it in a second. Okay?"


Garndevoir: "Garndevoir" said calmly with a nodd.


*Dr. Ivy gets dressed and puts Garndevoir back in its pokeball when her phone rings.*


Dr. Ivy: "Hello, Ivy lab. Can I help you?"


Dr. Stevens: "Yes, Dr. Ivy? I expected you here an hour ago. Is there something wrong?"


Dr. Ivy: "Oh, no. I just woke up a bit late. I blame the snooze button on the clock." She said with a hint of laughter.


Dr. Stevens: "So, when can I expect you to be here?"


Dr. Ivy: "As soon as I can get off the island here. I'll ask my Pidgeot."


Dr. Stevens: "Okay then. It is just that these Eevee are not going to wait for you to evolve."


Dr. Ivy: "I know that. Have you given them their stones yet?"


Dr. Stevens: "Yes. I gave them them a half an hour ago.'


Dr. Ivy: "Fine. I'll be there in 20 minuites."


Dr. Stevens: "Okay then. Bye."


*They hang up the phone. Dr. Ivy leaves her island for Tomiko City*






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