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Pokemon War--Shadow's Arise (Chapter 5 Is Up, Please Read and Rate)


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The year is 2045. I'm a trainer named Jason. One day, my Darkrai brought me into Space. We came to an unbeilivable site. There were several other trainers, and every legendary Poke'mon known! But then, an army of Shadow Poke'mon invaded the Legendaries Planet! They began a crucial war. All this happened 7 years ago. Now, the war is getting worse. Azelf and Uxie are at near-death. Mespirit is injured. Even Arceus cannot stand up to the Shadow Pokemon. I don't know how much longer we have...all trainers that find this message....send help...and FAST...-Transmission End-


[spoiler= Chapter One-----The War Is Just Beggining]


Explosions were everywhere. Take-Downs, Headbutts, Water Guns, Flamethrowers, You name it. It was a true war. And we were losing. See, I'm Jason. I'm a Pokemon Trainer. 7 years ago, my Darkrai brought me to Space. Then the war began. Legendary Pokemon VS. Shadow Pokemon. We were getting beaten. Arceus fired a Hyper Beam at the Shadow Lugia. Shadow Lugia fell for a little while. I ran over the battlefield to Lisa. She was our healer. "How's Azelf doing?" I asked her. "Not good at all." She replied softly. "The same for Uxie. We might lose them." "War always has to take life." I said. I was angry at everything. Lisa, The Legendaries, The Shadow Pokemon. This whole war made me sick. I prayed to Arceus for him to keep the Legendaries Pokemon safe. They were like the Ancient Wonders of the Poke'Mon world. And thanks to these Shadow Pokemon, they were going to die. I walked straight to the battlefield. I had to talk to Arceus. Lisa tried to stop me. She tried to save my life. But I was stupid and angry. And I ignored her. And I died.


To Be Continued?



[spoiler= Chapter Two-----Death?]

As I walked to Arceus, Shadow Ho-Oh shot Hyper Beam. I was frustrated. But then it hit me. I thought I was dead. I woke up and Shaymin was on my. It grinned when I awoke. I saw Lisa. She smiled. "I'm....alive?" I said. "Yep. You're lucky to be." Lisa said. She helped me up. Shaymin was on my shoulder. "Hyper Beam hit your knee. You should be fine." She said. "What did you want to talk to Arceus about?" She asked, with a curious look on her face. "Have you everheard the story about Arceus and the Wish?" I asked her. "Yes. A trainer who wishes upon Arceus gets their wish. Were you going to wish?" She said. "Yes. I was going to wish---" I began, but an explosion stopped me. It knocked us of our feet. We got up and ran outside. Shadow Darkrai and my Darkrai were sending explosive Shadow Balls everywhere. "At this rate they'll kill eachother!" Lisa said. Another trainer, Micheal, ran up to us. "Lisa! Jason! It's Uxie! She....Just come!" He blurted. We followed him to the P.M.T. Also known as the Pokemon Medical Tent. Uxie lay motionless on her bed. Lisa felt her chest. She began to cry. "We've....lost...Uxie..." She said softly. She fell to her knees in tears. I stared at Micheal. He stared back. We were both sad. Yet we were both angry. Shaymin jumped off my shoulder and tried to comfort Lisa. But it was too late.


To be Continued...


[spoiler= EXTRA! Arceus and Jirachi-The Wish]

Long ago, at the highest point on Earth, Arceus and Jirachi lived happily with eachother. They would grant the wish of any trainer that they met. They were the nicest Poke'Mon to grace the world.

But one day, a greedy Poke'Mon trainer came. He tried to steal their powers. He captured Jirachi. Jirachi gave all her wish power to Arceus. Arceus grew lonely without Jirachi. So he helped Jirachi escape. Jirachi used Teleport and went back to Arceus. They decided staying together would be to dangerous. So they left eachother. So now, any trainer lucky enough to find Arceus, wherever he may be, gets their greatest desire.


[spoiler= Chapter Three-----Uxie's Avengeance]

We began to plan. We were the 3 humans stuck here. In the middle of the war. So we had to work together. Even little Shaymin helped out. "Okay. Let's have Lugia come in from the east and use.." I started. "No way." Micheal said. "They have The Shadow Azelf covering the east, with Lugia as backup." "How about having Arceus digging underground and using Judgement from behind?" Lisa suggested. Shaymin jumped down and began to sratch on the table. She had drawn a full fledged, 10/10 ranked plan. "Wow. Never knew she was so smart." I said, staring at Shaymin's Plan. We codenamed it VENGEANCE, in honor of Uxie. We told Arceus to scare the Shadow Pokemon away for a little while. He was able to, then we explained the plan to everyone. We heard the Shadow Pokemon approaching. "Get ready everyone." I said, staring into the eyes of Shadow Arceus. "It's time."


To Be Continued!


[spoiler= Chapter Four-----Legendary Victory?]

The Shadow Pokemon peered over the horizon. They roared, howled screeched. We began our plan. Arceus climbed onto Artcuno. Articuno shot him down, when he fired Hyper Beam. Lugia dived in to grab him. Arceus flew high up. Darkrai launched Shadow Balls, to hold them back. Ho-Oh swooped down to use Sacred Fire. "We have 'em on the ropes now!" Micheal called to me. Groudon fired a Fire Blast, and Kyogre a Hydro Pump. Zapdos and Moltres used Thunderbolt and Flamethrower. Shaymin used Mystical Leaf. Mewtwo and Mew used Physic. Celebi helped Shaymin with magical leaf. Palkia used Spacial Rend, while Dialga shot a Beam of Time. Rayquaza came to finish the job. Every single Pokemon there shot a Hyper Beam right at the Shadow Pokemon. "Ceasefire!" I called. Arceus consulted me telepathically. "Have we won?" he asked. "I'm not sure.." I replied. For a long time, everyone was quiet.


To Be Continued...


[spoiler= Chapter Five-----Dark Revenge]

We stared to the horizon. Nothing happened. We had a celebration. Palkia and Ho-Oh made fireworks. The water Pokemon dug a hole for a pool. Shaymin grew a garden to relax in. We thought we had won. Then, the ground began to shake. We all turned to see Shadow Palkia charging us. Mewtwo held a shield. "Didn't we win?" I told Arceus. " I thought we had..." He responded in his telepathic way. Palkia sent a Spacial Rend to Shadow Palkia. Dialga joined in with Beam of Time. Darkrai flew up and...lets just say he tucked Shadow Palkia in....PERMENANTLY. But we'd need a bigger bed for what we were about to face.


To Be Continued!


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