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MadNik's Star Wars


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Hello, as you can tell from my post count, I'm new. I've been browsing the forum and a lot of you post some very cool cards. I've decided to go ahead and post some of mine. I make Star Wars cards, and I'm sure there have been many Sar Wars cards posted already, but a few more can't harm anyone :) So here are just a few of the ones I've made. Please feel free to leave feedback, any comment is welcomed. Oh, and obviously... I do not own the artwork used for my cards. I only use them as a means of increasing the overall quality and effect of my work. I do not claim ownership of them. :lol:

So here are a few of them:





*Whew* Ok, there's six of them. I've got about 30 more if U'd like to see them. Enjoy, and have a good day/night. Peace out.

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they all seem so seperate' date=' like none of them all appeared in one episode, they are so spread out

advice from pikachu: made star wars cards with a similarity (eg. jedis)



Well, I have made a lot of them, I just put up a few from different episodes to appeal to those who only like certain episodes.

And I was originally going to make Jedi and Sith a monster type, but I thought I would recieve heat for them not being able to play well in a normal deck with official cards.

Again though, I've made almost everyone, these are just a couple.

I'll try to correct any mistakes pointed out to me. And yeah, the quotes are unnessesary, but I thought it was a fun little add on, like flavor text.

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