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Lock- Need To Try Again

Lazer Yoshi

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Okay, I have just made this card, and I think it's wonderful. But that's my opinion. Rate, comment, and enjoy! And the pic was found off of WolfBeserkers Art Thread



Effect: An "Elemental" or "Evil" Hero Monster + An "Alien" Monster

This Monster can only be Fusion Summoned with the above Fusion-Material Monsters. Increase the ATK of this card by 200 Points for every "Evil Hero", "Elemental Hero", and "Alien" Monster in your Graveyard. If this Card would be Destroyed outside of Battle, you may Remove a Combination of 5 "Evil Hero", Elemental Hero", and "Alien" Monsters in your Graveyard from Play. If you do so, Negate the Effect that would Destroy this Card, and this Monster cannot be Sent to the Graveyard for the Remainder of the Turn. By Tributing this Face-Up Monster, Speical Summon one "Evil Hero", "Elemental Hero", or "Alien" Monster from your Graveyard or the Remove From Play Zone.

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Wrong card? Effect is different


Rating effect: Fusion Matierial monsters seem just not well written. A bit of OCG issues, but its overall its great! ^.^


But you cannot take cards from RFP zone.. :/


correction: a lot of OCG issue :/


but its very good.. im waiting to seee that attack and the pic ^.^

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