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Ninja Cards and Support


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I designed this Ninja set to be like something you would find in a structure deck. All the monsters are dark, to help support Strike Ninja, along with D.D. Energy absorber and D.D. Ninja being made specifically for supporting Strike. (although they could be used with other decks as well.)


Tell me what you think ^^

(Note: I don't own any of the images.)



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some cards belong in pop cultural............. srry cant rate..


Beside the fact that some of them belong in pop culture they are pretty good. I think that some of the pictures could use a little work' date=' and there were some OCG problems, but overall i think its a 7.2/10 =D[/align']

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first card look so alike to 'hanzo' from "samurai warriors 2".......

the second card is cleary the stage from "ninja gaiden"....

'ninjutsu of espionage' is from "tenchu".....

'false death' is from "ninja gaiden" again.....

'replication' is "naruto"........

'kage' is also "naruto".........


*how many feel this should go in pop?????????

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