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[DEBATE] Religions

Prince Poison

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The ten commandments, can the nowdays sociaty live based on them?

The bible, a book which is like a guideline for living, the book of christian religion, a book whose text has been changed alot of times during history, can we believe it?

Islamism, a religion that is actually based on the main concept of christianity.

How can we now that jesus existed if he was born 2008 years ago? IF he existed how can we be sure he was the son of god? Because it was written in a book made by him and his disciples? If someone would say that he was the son of god, would you trust him?


Discuss on these points, you know the rules.

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I'm a deist and I see religion more like mythology.

However, I won't say anything else about that, since debates about religion here tend to slip out of control because some people don't listen to others and at least try to understand the others' beliefs.

I must say that you reached a good point here, though:

a book whose text has been changed alot of times during history


But that's all, good day!

Oh and if you ever want to have a serious discussion with me about that, pm me or contact me in some other way.

Good day^.^

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I am Atheist so I don't necessarily believe in any one religion.

What I will tell you is there are a lot of holes in the bible and a lot of inconsistencies and far-stretched ideas.

We are now only in the beginning of understanding our very own planet and the ecosystem we live in, and just how delicate that balance is. We are exploring new areas of science that years ago were untouchable.

The prophecies and events of the bible COULD have occurred based on events that we can not scientifically explain right now, but in the future may be able to.

We have come up with numerous names for things we cannot control such as:

a) divine intervention - the belief that something of a higher power protected us from something we were about to do by preventing us from doing it and allowing us to see the events unfold.

example: world trade centers attacked on September 11th. You may have wanted to visit them at 8am that morning but you didn't wake up to the alarm, swore you turned it on, but it never went off.

b) dejavu - the feeling we've done something already but haven't.

c) having a 6th sense - randomly being able to find something or know something without knowing it or knowing where it was, for no explainable reason.

d) visions/halucinations - feeling that you saw/heard/felt something that may not have actually been there.


All these are present in different sections of the bible, old and new testament. Christianity, however, is not the only religion with holes and inconsistencies. However, to the faithful, who believe the word of God, that does not matter. Their faith is stronger because they do not need the fact to know its real. Like the wind. You can't see it, but you know it exists. (same with $1,000,000.00)

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I don't really like debates, as I usually end up in over my head, but I just can't let this get by without saying something.


a book whose text has been changed alot of times during history

What I will tell you is there are a lot of holes in the bible

Do you have any proof, any at all, that the the Bible has been changed, outside of translation into other languages, since it was first written? I don't want to turn this into an argument (though, it is a debate), I'm just wondering how you guys came to your conclusions.

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Wel I'm Christian and I think Jesus is the son of God as it is written in the Bible and if someone said there were the son of God I wouldn't believe them until I see something. And also Darth Browarod has a good point, how do you know it has been changed. I mean it could but we aren't positive sure.

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@Dark and Shadow:

It is a known fact that the bible's text might have changed during history' date=' but yet again we are not sure.


Oxymoron much? You can't claim something as a fact if it might be true, that's just self-contradictory.

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I personally believe the bible has been changed at least a little, it's been around for so long I wouldn't doubt it. Personally, I don't read the bible or have barely anything to do with Christianity.


I mainly believe you do good things more good things will tend to happen, with the exception of the fact that if you do good all the time that there won't be bad.


Since the bible was written by man and not directly by god, I cant say I believe it too much. Mans' ideas could have warped what it was supposed to be. In fact I completely believe that god wont send you to hell for being gay cuz that is simply a preference, and why would god do that to you for a preference?


That is a flaw I see in many parts of catholic religion or any other religion out of the bible. I won't go into full detail about my beliefs cuz it would take up a lot of space. Thats a little of what I believe.

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