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weathers of apocalypse


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The strongest card in this deck is this:


to summon it first summon this:


and this:


then use this card on Cold moisture then use the effect on Thermal heat


Then this card is summoned


Then summon this:


Then you are recommended to activate this card which makes the chance higher that Western tornado of the apocalypse is summoned


Then use this card on Strong winds then use the effect on Rain


When you have activated Western climate then Western tornado of the apocalypse is virtually invincible.

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I think that you can't read WTOTA's special abilities so here is it but bigger:This card can only be special summoned.When special summoned roll a dice it will only be summoned when a two or four is rolled.And when its attacked while it is in defense mode decrease your opponents life points by the attacking monster's attack points(WTOTA gets destroyed though if the attacking monster has more attack points than WTOTA's defense points.This monster can attack while its in defense mode.When it attacks in defense mode the card it attacked will decrease 500 attack points each turn.When it attacks in attack mode the attacked monster will be removed from play for 2 turns. When the monster returns it loses 500 defense points

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