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New Sigs (Updated!!!)


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Dont Be Spiteful People If Ive Been Mean To You Rate It Compltely On The Outcome And Give Ideas


Added 6/11/08


This Is For God Gak 6/12/08


Fir Rp Savers 6/13/08


For Darth Browad Request 6/17/08




For Meti 6/18/08


I Try Hard :smile:

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Well...Do you take requests? Because these are rather good...


If you do please say so' date=' because I need a second banner, and I'm hopeless when it comes to Graphix



Yes I Do Take Request


Don't use 2 renders >_<


It Wasnt My Choice It Was For A Request


I don't like 2' date=' 4, or 5.

They're just not very appealing to the eye.



Lol i love 2, and 5 but ur right about 4

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In that case....Can you make one for me? A render of L' date=' from Death Note would be very nice...and can the Text Say something like "Meti" and the sub-text saying "Are you History or are you Lies?"


If I need to pay you for it...I am ready to pay...lol



Sure Thing

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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