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Zombie Swarm Deck (I also won a tournament with this deck)


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I have also won a tournament with this deck. THis was a local torney that was last week.


Monsters: 19

3 Pyramid Turtle

2 Giant Rat

2 Ryu Kokki

1 Il Blud

3 Zombie Master

2 Cyber Dragon

1 Rigorous Reaver

1 Snipe Hunter

1 Sangan

1 Spirit Reaper

1 Card Trooper

1 Morphing Jar


Spells: 15

3 Book of Life

3 Card of Safe Return

2 Creature Swap

1 Brain Control

1 Heavy Storm

1 Mystical Space Typhoon

1 Nobleman of Crossout

1 Monster Reborn

1 Premature Burial

1 Lightning Vortex


Traps: 6

1 Mirror Force

1 Torrential Tribute

1 Crush Card Virus

2 Dust Tornado

1 Sakuretsu Armor

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-1 Nobleman of Crossout

-1 Sakuretsu Armour


+1 Dust Tornado

+1 Lightning Vortex


Crossout is not good this format, however it is starting to make a comeback. Shield Crush is better because it can destroy Gladiator Beast Holopomus and the target doesn't have to be facedown. Sakurestsu Armor is random at 1. You should max out on Dust Tornado for more S/T removal and Lightning Vortex dumps another card into your grave for Zombie Master. Maybe try Goblin Zombie as well.

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im thinking a d.d crow instead of the sakuretsu armor, sak armor isnt needed you have lightning vortexs and alot of rush plus d.d crow negates alot of the meta and is a help against dark armned dragon and instead of dust tornados id play regeki break it kills both monster and spell and trap threats, and you have alot of draw power so the cost isnt the big of a deal.

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I agree about not using Goblins. They might get out Zombie Master' date=' but it's only to your hand, and Goblins have bad stats:(.



So doesn't Sangan and Disk Commander, your point?


Goblin Zombies are good because they can fetch all the needed components for zombies to swarm. Not only that, but they are great targets for creature swap.

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2x Il blud

2x Ryu kooki

3x Zombie master

3x Goblin zombie

3x Pyrimid turtle

1x Sangan

1x D.D crow

1x spirt reaper

1x Morphing jar

1x snipe hunter

1x card trooper


spells are good just -KOC and + Lightning vortex

and allure of darkness


traps should be like

3x dust tornado

1x torential tribute

1x mirror force

and mybe trap dustshoot

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