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The Mistery of the 1st User


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Hold it!!!

in the buttom say: We currently have 96,885 members registered.

Check this



That's only mean If they count the 1st .... He ... EXIST???



Or... HE... Was Murderer (or banned)... And the Mods erased all the Evidence...


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When you make a forum site you must automatically create a username and password as the Administrator of the site.

After that, you can hand over or administrative rights to anyone you wish if you are leaving the forum for good but don't want it shut down.

The first member was more than likely either.

A) the activation account that YCMaker used to begin the site, then changed over to the current profile afterwards.


B) there was an administrator before YCMaker and handed his powers over to him long before any of us got to this site.


Either way, its not important.


As for the missing member listing. Forum board space is limited, regardless of if its free or paid for.

Wasting valuable space with inactive members, or banned members (or members that have left), you can simply delete the accounts and all posts related to that account without disrupting the rest of the forum board.


Also, those accounts you mentioned are probably either double accounts or they are bot accounts that were located and erased before they could do any damage.


Either way, leave it alone.

Its not important.

Nobody really cares.

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