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Bubbleman Burn


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Version 2.0 is updated here: http://forum.yugiohcardmaker.net/showthread.php?tid=50556



I know the first thing you guys think will be "why the hell," but I like different decks. Well, at least there's not many bubble burns. Anyway, please take a look and suggest anything I could use to improve the deck. It's far from finished but runs decently and is pretty fast. Oh and if you guys think there's too many traps, tell me and suggest something else. Any ideas on how to counter Jinzo in the case of his summoning? My only measure right now is probably Lava Golem and that's obviously not very sufficient.


Monsters: (16)

3| Elemental Hero Bubbleman

2| Fire Trooper

3| Giant Germ

1| Morphing Jar

1| Princess of Tsurugi

1| Lava Golem

2| Rapid-Fire Magician

3| Stealth Bird


Spells: (10)

1| Chain Strike

1| Misfortune

1| Monster Reborn

1| Nightmare's Steelcage

1| Premature Burial

3| Tremendous Fire

1| Scapegoat

1| Swords of Revealing Light


Traps: (14)

3| Chain Detonation

3| Just Desserts

1| Magic Cylinder

1| Ojama Trio

3| Secret Barrel

3| Waboku

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