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randomness never meant to offend


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Should.. Should I get the pineapple now? (Little Nicki for the world..)


As for you.


Just so I'm on the right track, you "Never meant to offend."

Well, in that case, I don't mean to offend in what I'm about to type. Fair? I think so ^_^.


Firstly, You suck. Plain and simply, you suck. Obviously; it wasn't the card itself you wanted to showcase. No, you wanted your first impression on members here to think your a "Funny boy" by posting this. After watching the digimon movie, I have faith I can somehow teleport through my screen and start the breaking of your fingers.

I may sound like someone being way to defensive, only because it's hitler. But seriously, It's the description and humour that tried to be inputted into it that angers me.

Okay, secondly, Incase you are actually as stupid as I think you are, You'd know that hitler by all means isn't immortal. Claiming someone as immortal in any shape or form shows your fellowship of that being. Eg. God. =o! Better put on a sweater buddy, your Naziness is showing.

On top of that, he died by bullet, remember? I can think of yu-gi-oh cards that could not only withstand a bullet; but consume the projectile fire-er. Raviel, anyone?

What you've pretty much done right now is thrown something offensive to a damn near twentieth of the population on the message board. You pretty much made yourself officially suck for a cheap laugh.

I more I type, the more annoyed I get, so I'll stop.

As for your rating, well, You start at 0, with a minus one point penalty for all who died unfairly under Hitler's fascist regime.

You figure it out; by the way, the known counts about six digits long.


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Quit, just go away...

That is one of the most offensive things you can post ever, this is worse than "porn", this is racially offensive.

I agree the above posters...

You are an ignorant little freak

That is not even remotely funny, comedial, ect.

Stop and go away

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