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LOCK! I'm starting a new RP!


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[/u][/i][/b]Hi! If Umbra reads this please lock all my other RP's!




8 years has passed since Jaden saved the world from Nightshroud. Nothing evil has been on the rise since then. Kaiba, the owner of KCorp has decided to start a new tournament, The Kaiba Corp Grand Championship. This takes place in Kaiba Land, Kaiba's own Theme Park. The prize for winning this Tournament is 3.000.000$! All the big duelists around the world is gathering to find out who's the best! But in the middle of this, three evil warriors from long ago is rising, The Riders of the Storm! This trio of destruction searches the power of the strongest duelist in the world, because when they unlock this power, they will be the ruler of Earth!


To join this RP, please write down this:


Duelist Name:



Side: (Duelists or Riders of the Storm)

Favorite Card:

Deck Theme: (No Decklist Needed!)



And send it to me via PM, if you post it in this thread, the post will directly be deleated!


Rules for this RP:


  1. The normal RP Rules
  2. Use propper grammar if it's possible
  3. Please capitalize sentences, names and the word I
  4. We play with 8000 Life Points
  5. No made up Types (Like Angel-type, Demon-type or Ghost-type, use Fairy, Fiend and Zombie-type instead)
  6. Made-up cards are okay as long as they are NOT overpowered or joke-cards, like a card with the effect: "Your opponent must say: "I sucks more than my brother", if he don't, you win"
  7. Please don't use cards based on TV-characters or things like that
  8. If you feel that you MUST post a picture of a made-up card that you play, please do it in a spoiler rather than just post it
  9. No god cards!
  10. Have fun!
  11. Stop read NOW because there is no more rules!



Duelist Name: Joey Wheeler

Age: (How Old Would He Be Right Now?)

Gender: Male

Side: Duelists

Favorite Card: Red-Eyes Black Dragon and Flame Swordsman

Deck Theme: Red-Eyes Black Dragon and Warriors.

Bio: When he lost in the Second Round of the Previous Tournament he went to pegasus for some new cards. With his upgraded deck he won Tournaments all over the world and enters this tournament to see how much better he has become.

Made by ALordZynix


Duelist Name: Lysian

Age: 15

Gender: Male

Side: Duelists

Favorite card: Archlight Valkyria

Deck Theme: Archlight

Bio: He doesn't play to win, just to have fun. His idol is Joey Wheeler and when he found out that Joey was in this tournament he joined it right away!

Made by Kst80



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Accepted, but I wanted the characters over PM, but as said, accepted. And also, the only 4 Anime Characters playable is Joey, Jaden, Chazz and Syrus, but if you are any of these, ou MUST use their decks! For example, no Jaden with Lightsworns! (Yugi is not in, because he can't win without his other spirit that cheats for him XD)

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